Nintendo is bringing back a super-retro handshell game and watch of the 1980s

The Japanese gaming company announced that Game & Watch would be re-released, putting Nintendo on the map 40 years ago.

First introduced in 1980 and produced until 1991, Game & Watch was a series of games at hand – 59 in all – that Nintendo sold before Game Boy came into the world. Unlike Game Boy, black-and-white games and watch games can play only one game.

The new Game & Watch, made to look like the original with 80s styling, is definitely more modern – it features a color LCD screen and a rechargeable battery with USB-C connector. It will play three games: “Super Mario Bros.”, “Super Mario Bros: The Level Levels” and “Ball (Mario Edition).”

Like every game and watch device that came out after 1981, the new one can become an alarm clock with the tap of a button. This time, the watch features 35 different screen-saver scenes of Mario interacting with the clock.

Super Mario 3D World & # 39;  And a ton of other classic Mario games coming to the Nintendo Switch

Although Game and Watch was not Nintendo’s first video game effort, it was the first successful attempt to lead the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985 and the Game Boy in 1989.

Game & Watch is not celebrated as some of Nintendo’s other game systems, but it was the first system to feature a shaped directional pad, first found on the 1982 “Donkey Kong” Game and Watch. Its success provided some legitimacy to control gaming, a niche that video game makers were unsure of in the 1970s.

Nintendo has dipped the Game and Watch nostalgia bucket by releasing a version over the past decade and adding Mr. Game and Watch – the anonymous character who first appeared in the game and the Watch game – to their “Super Smash Bros.” sport.

The company has been on a recent re-issue tear. In recent years, it sold classic versions of the NES and Super Nintendo, complete with a couple dozen games and original controllers. Now, Nintendo is in full celebration mode: it’s Mario’s 35th anniversary. The company announced a ton of Mario fun, including a new Battle Royale game and re-releases of “Super Mario 64,” “Super Mario Galaxy” and “Super Mario Sunshine”.

Now it’s Game and Watch’s turn into the spotlight. The 40th anniversary edition of Game & Watch will go on sale on November 13 for a limited time.