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Nintendo is associated for a mobile money printing RPG

Beyond the trailer that shows some fragments of gameplay and the cute anime characters that inhabit the world of Dragalia Lost do not know much about him. However, it will be free to play, with a coin in the game used to unlock new characters.

Nintendo has been quite diverse in its launches for mobile devices to date, with mixed success. His first foray into the mobile, the peculiar style of social network Miitomo has already reached the end of the road, and Nintendo admitted that Super Mario Run was not as profitable as the company I would have liked it

Nintendo's third mobile release, Fire Emblem Heroes was a free game based on the company's tactical RPG series, and it became a money spin. Even a year after its release, it still comfortably receives more than $ 1 million per month for Nintendo, as players buy virtual currency at exorbitant prices in hopes of taking their favorite characters out of the game's slot machine, the hallmark of a game of gacha. Despite the success of Heroes the most recent release of Nintendo, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was a less predatory affair, that depended on the traditional mechanics of the coin and the resistance to win money instead of betting.

Considering the background of Cygames as a porridge specialist, it is likely that Dragalia Lost has game mechanics similar to that of Fire Emblem Heroes . As part of the agreement of Dragalia Nintendo will acquire a 5 percent stake in Cygames, which indicates the company's intention to continue promoting the gacha market as part of its mobile strategy. The mobile gaming company DeNA, in which Nintendo also participates, already owns a quarter of Cygames.

Dragalia Lost will be released this summer in Japan and other Asian markets, and Nintendo has also committed to a launch in North America and Europe. That's great and all, but what we really want to hear about now is the rumored Zelda mobile game, because after Breath of the Wild Link's adventures are the only thing that really matters.

Aaron Souppouris contributed to this report.

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