Nintendo has discontinued 3DS

According to its Japanese website Nintendo has discontinued every model of the 3DS. Page listings for New 3DS LL, New 2DS LL and 2DS are still live, but each product lists “out of production” under its own name, and a message on the main page states that the entire series has finished production is. It is not clear when the change was made; Many Japanese Twitter Users Care This afternoon

In the meantime, Nintendo’s US site seems to be sifting through all the mentions of the 3DS in the last few hours. The homepage certainly doesn’t feature a handheld console at all other than a support link below – similar to the dead Wii U.

The 3DS was announced in 2010 and released the following year. It faced a rocky launch with low sales and small software of note, but only a few months after its release began to gain momentum after dramatic price cuts. Through an apology for early adoption, Nintendo made 20 NES and Game Boy Advance games available for free.

The 3DS received many modifications throughout its life: the larger 3DS XL, the improved New 3DS, the cut-price 2DS and finally the sleek 2DS XL. In total, Nintendo shipped more than 75 million 3DS consoles worldwide – less than half of its predecessor, the unprecedentedly popular DS. But overall, the system can be seen as a success, and helped the company run through the rocky Wii U years with sales of over 384 games.

Nintendo’s focus is now entirely on the switch, certainly eliminating the need for a dedicated handheld system with the hybrid nature of the console. The company has shipped more than 61 million Switch consoles by the end of June – a figure most likely to overtake the 3DS holiday season.