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Nintendo E3 2018: what to expect and why

  nintendo e3 2018


It's that time of year again! It's time for the avalanche of E3 predictions to range from cults, to overly optimistic and simply savage ones. However, when it comes to Nintendo E3 2018 we can already make some pretty informed ideas of what Big N has for us.

So without further ado, this is what we can expect from Nintendo's E3 2018 presentation and why. [19659005] We will make sure to update the article if we know some new information.

Super Smash Bros. Switch

People have been anticipating the revelation of Super Smash Bros. for the Switch since the Nintendo Direct in March 2018. Fortunately, We will not have to wait long to get new information. The game will be screened during the Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018, so we'll definitely have some game.

It has been debated whether the game is a port of the Wii U and 3DS entries or if it will be a completely new game, so we can expect a confirmation during E3. We can even learn about the new modes that come to the game. Personally, we await the return of Smash Run from the 3DS or Adventure Mode version of Melee.

We can also expect new fighters to be announced along with the confirmation of some long-time veterans. We will definitely see Inklings' fame of Splatoon in action as well, since they are the only new fighters confirmed. We could also see if Link retains the look of Breath of the Wild, the trailer of the insinuated revelation as well as if he gains new abilities. Since the announcement of the trailers of Brawl and Smash 4, a prominent fighter (with Brawl showing Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid and Smash 4 showing Mega Man), we can also expect the revelation of a third-party fighter then .

Metroid Prime 4

Look, you're not just advertising a game like Metroid Prime 4 and you do not talk about it a year later. Nintendo is going to talk about that.

We could get a release date, although since the development of the game was announced last year, we can get something more vague, like a year of release. According to Tech Radar the website of Nintendo Norway said that the game would be launched in 2018, however, the site is run by the official Scandinavian distributor of Nintendo Bergsala instead of Nintendo and the publication was edited to eliminate the mention of Metroid Prime. 4, so there is not much to be done.

We can get the official confirmation of who is developing the game. According to anonymous sources of Eurogamer the game is being developed by Bandai Namco instead of Retro Studios.

It seems that the game will have a separate story from the trilogy. According to an interview with Eurogamer, the producer of the series Kensuke Tanabe said that the story of Dark Samus and Phazon is ready and that the new games would focus on other elements of the Prime series.

Mario Party 11

  mario party switch [19659017] mario party switch

Nintendo Mario Party 10

We have already made an extensive article on a possible game Mario Party for the Switch, so we will try to keep it short.

The rumor has it that a Mario Party game for the Switch is in development for its release sometime in 2019 and ND Cube, the developer behind the franchise since Mario Party 9 will be in charge again .

Since ND Cube invented the automotive mechanic, where players take turns driving a car while moving together, it is possible that the controversial mechanics will come back again. We can also expect the minigames to take advantage of the switch's features, including motion controls, HD Rumble and the IR sensor. There could also be a game mode centered on the Amiibo figures as in Mario Party 10 .

If a Mario Party Switch game is headed towards 2019 (and possibly March of that year according to our criteria)), then we can expect it to make an appearance during E3 2018 with Nintendo showing the mini-games and the new features. Maybe some of the mini-games can also be played in the E3 presentation room.

The Mario Party franchise is loved by many and the novelty of wearing a party game on the way is too good for Nintendo to let it pass. However, 2018 is full of great Nintendo properties, so a Mario Party game will be lost in the mix. 2019 is so far pretty open; the only confirmed game for 2019 of Nintendo is the remake of 3DS Mario & Luigi: Bowser & # 39; s Inside Story + Bowser Jr. & # 39; s Journey .

Pikmin 4

  pikmin 4

We also have an in-depth analysis of what to expect for Pikmin 4 but let us give you the highlights for our purposes here.

In 2015, Shigeru Miyamoto told Eurogamer that Pikmin 4 was "really very close to completion" and that the team behind him was already working on the next Then, in 2017, he confirmed to the publication that the game was still in development. "I have been told not to share anything from PR, but I can say that it is progressing." Nintendo followed with the publication to confirm that the game was in process, but they did not share any details, then a list of games for the [19459] 026] February issue of Nintendo Force Magazine included Pikmin 4, which confirmed the release date of 2018.

We do not expect the game to change much from previous posts, but I expect some new playable characters and a new story. We also hope to cooperate online.

Considering everything, we could see Pikmin 4 revealed at E3 this year with a release date and playability. We believe that the game would be launched in early fall to attract people to Metroid Prime 4 and Super Smash Bros.

Fire Emblem 2018

  emblem of fire 2018

Nintendo ] Fire Emblem Warriors

Nintendo has been silent on Fire Emblem 2018 since they announced the game for Switch during Fire Emblem Direct in January 2017. Therefore, E3 would be the best time to boast of some games and a release date .

Despite how quiet the company was, there are some rumors about it. LeakyPandy, who correctly predicted the Nintendo Direct in March a few days before it was officially announced, states that the game will be called "Fire Emblem: Elegy for the Brave". The subtitle bay should be an old title and not the final name, the user trusts that the themes of the game revolve around the soldiers who perish. The user also stated that the game will be released sometime during the summer.

But we also have official information. In an interview translated by Kantopia, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia director Toshiyuki Kusakihara said that the development team has been working to make the characters more realistic in terms of proportions and movements than those inspired in the anime Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates . Shadows ofValentia Producer Hitoshi Yamagami added that the Fire Emblem on the Switch development team will probably change.

So from the look of things, Fire Emblem 2018 is being formed to have a more solid and solid story than the anime / fantasy settings we've seen in the last few innings and that can revolve more around classical mechanics from the Permadeath series. In any case, we do not expect the gameplay to change much from its predecessors, since players will face armies in a strategic game with light role-playing elements. The launch window for Summer 2018 is also plausible, since the only other great RPG on the Switch during the summer is the [Oct Octopath Traveler from Square Enix. [19659000] Pokemon Switch

  Pokemon Switch

Nintendo Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon

Nintendo has also been very calm in the next Pokemon game, with its only mention of what happened during his E3 2017 presentation, where Tsunekazu Ishihara of The Pokemon Company announced that Game Freak had begun to develop a main entry in the series for the Switch and that it may not be released for more than a year.

But later that year, Ishihara told Bloomenberg the following: "With the Switch, we see it as an opportunity to create Pokémon that goes deeper and with a higher level of expression. , that makes it an extremely important platform. " In addition, the French website Pokegraph alleges that Bandai is planning to release stuffed animals to link with the new game and that an announcement will come sometime this May. However, Bandai does not confirm the existence of toys, according to Forbes .

So the timeline is suitable for an advertisement for the Pokemon Switch game. We can expect a graphic update, a new region, a new Pokémon and a new trick for battles like Z-Moves and Mega Evolutions of previous entries. We hope that the game adopts a more open approach to exploration without adhering so rigidly to a linear path from the gym to the gym. Given the success of Breath of the Wild this would not be a big surprise.


Yoshi is another game confirmed for 2018 with very little saying from Nintendo since E3 2017.

Fortunately, the breakthrough gives us a very good idea of ​​what the game will offer The game seems to be inspired more by Yoshi's Story in the N64 than Yoshi's Island with Yoshi collecting coins while moving through 2D levels and , sometimes, it moves to the foreground or background. He also adopts a papercraft aesthetic to follow the yarn aesthetic of Yoshi's Wooly World 2015. Yoshi can also throw eggs to the foreground or background and rotate the environment 180 degrees to reveal hidden passages. There are also two cooperative players.

There is not much more to say. As it will come out in 2018, we should know a release date during E3 2018.

Nintendo online service for switch

  Online service switch nintendo


We can expect Nintendo to immerse yourself in how your paid online service will work. Nintendo Switch Online was announced during the Nintendo change presentation in January 2017, but will not be valid until September 2018, according to the official website. You can not play multiplayer games online or use the Nintendo Switch Online application to invite friends or use voice chat. We even know that it will cost $ 3.99 for a month, $ 7.99 for three months and $ 19.99 for the entire year.

However, we do not know the details of the selection of classic games where users can download a compilation of NES and free SNES games. We know that the game will be updated to include online multiplayer and leaderboards, but we do not know how many games we will get per month (the last time we heard that it was a game per month). We expect a selection of games similar to Netflix to choose from, but it is most likely the same as PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, where you get at least three free games per month.

Ace Attorney Switch [19659061] as attorney switch “/>

Capcom Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

In November 2017, Japanese news site Jiji interviewed Haruhiro Tsujimoto of Capcom , who said the company has more Switch games on the way to launch after April 2018 with Ace Attorney being one of them. It remains to be determined if this is a new game or a port of old games, but we could see an announcement of a new game Ace Attorney during E3 2018.

Reminders for Mario Tennis Aces and Octopath Traveler [19659067] octopath traveler "width = "780" height = "439" data-srcset = "https://heavyeditorial.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/octopath-traveller-edit.jpg?quality=65&strip=all 780w, https: // heavyeditorial .files.wordpress.com / 2018/04 / octopath-traveler-edit.jpg? quality = 65 & strip = all 300w "sizes =" (max-width: 780px) 100vw, 780px “/>

Square Enix

Nintendo has been putting a lot of chips in Mario Tennis Aces if the Gameplay is important during Nintendo Direct presentations is anything to go through. However, we already know a lot about the game, so the presentation of Nintendo's E3 would only remind people of its existence and its release date of June 22, 2018 if they decide to mention it.

The same goes for Octopath Traveler However, the presentation of E3 will probably reveal more playable characters besides reminding people of their release date of July 13, 2018. But we do not expect Nintendo to a lot of time in him.

Release dates for The World Ends With You Final Remix and Travis Strikes Back: No More Heroes

The world ends with you and No more heroes have some of the most dedicated cult followers that exist. Nintendo knows this and that is why they get outstanding coverage in the Nintendo Direct presentations along with the exclusivity in the Switch. That's why we can expect the release date to be revealed during E3 2018.

And that's all we can expect from Nintendo during E3 2018. Surely there will be some surprises, but for the most part we know what comes from the Big N in therms of what games are shown. Either way, the Nintendo E3 showcase already seems to take the crown as the most exciting show of this year.

I mean, I'd be happy to get another Pokemon Snap . Hey, a man can dream, can not he?

What do you think of our predictions? What are you waiting for? Let us know in the comments section below.

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