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Ninja takes a two day break and loses 40,000 subscribers

Ninja at Fortnite Pro Am
Image: Epic

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins could be on top of the world of broadcasting right now, but even he is not immune to being dragged back to earth by the absurd sometimes demanding realities of work.

Over the past few days, Ninja has been living at E3, retweeting several thousand photos that people took with them and earning $ 1 million for charity on Epic's serpentine Fortnite Pro Am, among other things. But if you are a transmitter that takes time off from your usual schedule, even that has a cost.

"Do you want to know the difficulties of transmitting other works?" Ninja wrote on Twitter today . "I left for less than 48 hours and lost 40,000 subscribers on Twitch, I'll be back today (Wednesday) swarming again."

Most streamers would kill to have 40,000 subscribers, let alone lose so many and not have They point to a sudden and devastating end to his career in the incessant battle royale known as Twitch. The Ninja sub-count started skyrocketing earlier this year and went up to 250,000 in April.

A subscription to Twitch is different from a subscription to YouTube, which is just a fancy word that means someone is following you. At Twitch, subscribers enter real money regularly in exchange for benefits on their channel. In this case, Ninja may have lost $ 100,000 or more, but it has also benefited tremendously from the main Twitch subscriptions along with Fortnite throughout the year, and those subs are not automatically renewed at the end of a month . If Ninja is not playing, new people are not substituting to compensate for that slow trickle of automatic disunits. The situation is as precarious as it is complicated. On the positive side, Ninja should be able to get their numbers one more time when they resume broadcasting.

In summary, Ninja remains unbelievably lucky for most metrics that one could apply to anyone in the entire history of mankind, but do not let that fool you into believing that Twitch is a easy concert. The Streamers are expected to be on all day, every day, indefinitely. They could sit and play video games, but if they sit still for too long they run the risk of fainting.


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