Ninja returns to Twitch – The Verge

Ninja’s back on Twitch, in particular, in a multiyear deal with the site. This is another major step forward for Tyler “Ninja” Bilwins, who was quite different from the ongoing epidemic.

Last August, he left Twitch for an exclusive deal with Mixer – which closed in late June, scrapped for parts on Facebook Gaming. He walked away from the wreck in much better shape than the rest of his teammates on the site (save for Michael “Kaufen” Graciejack), reportedly with the full amount of a seven-figure contract in his pocket. And today, Blevins comes home to Twitch.

This is a big deal, not least because of how misguided his channel was after some of his missteps last year. (They show porn on it somehow?) Blevins is perhaps the most recognizable figure in streaming, having completely crossed the monoculture mainstream through deals with Adidas, where he has a shoe, and Walmart-like His merchandise has been sold at places. (She is also in a skin Fortnite.)

Returning to Twitch, Blevins ends the question as to where he might land next. As one of the site’s former faces, he is sure to top the Twitch chart again. But this time, it seems, it will be on its own terms. His first stream becomes alive today.