Ninja is uniquely twitch back

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The image: Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

After a long period of one month, “whether he will or not”, along with two strong eyes, Twitch And Youtube, Streaming megastar Tyler “Ninja” Bolivans has announced that his post-mixer streaming return will be “only” on Twitch.

Blevins announced this on Twitter today A tweet and a brief trailer.

“A new chapter, only on the twitch,” he wrote.

Last year, Blevins signed an exclusive deal with Microsoft-owned streaming platform Mixer. In June, Microsoft Suddenly announced that the mixer had reached the end of the line And instead encouraged streamers and viewers to visit Facebook. Blevins was Reportedly offered a Facebook deal His multi-million dollar mixer deal was almost doubled, but he turned it down. Now, months later, he’s back where he started: on Twitch.

Last month, fellow Twitch star became Twitch Star (again) Michael “Kaufan” Graziak makes his big twitch comeback, Pulling in over 500,000 concurrent viewers. Whenever this happens, the return of Blevins can be even greater.

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