Nine-Pound Crab Breaks Seabird’s Wings Before Eating It Alive


You might think about crabs as reclusive and shy creatures however new footage from the island of Chagos within the Indian Ocean exhibits the primary photographs of a crab as a ferocious hunter, actively killing and finally consuming a seabird. The video is stunning to say the least and helps reveal the key lives of those mysterious crustaceans.

The breed of crab proven within the video is a coconut crab, and they’re a far cry from Ariel’s sbady little sidekick, Sebastian. Weighing in at almost 9 kilos and measuring as much as three toes from leg to leg, they’re actually a power to not be reckoned with, New Scientist reported.

In the footage, we will see the large crab use its claws to interrupt the wings of a red-footed bady, a kind of seabird that was sleeping in a nest in a tree. The coconut crab’s claws are in a position to crack by means of a, you guessed it, coconut shell, so breaking the hen’s wings was seemingly not tough for the colossal crustacean. In addition, the red-footed bady is the smallest of all of the badies, and are solely 25 to 30 inches in measurement, and weigh between 30 to 39 ounces.

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Breaking the hen’s wings triggered it to fall out of its nest and onto the bottom. Here the crab completed its badault, slowly descending to the bottom to search out its prey. Although this can’t be seen within the video, Mark Laidre, a researchers at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire who filmed the footage advised New Scientist that 5 different coconut crabs finally made it to the scene and collectively they tore aside the hen, consuming little by little.

11_9_crab The coconut crab’s claws are sturdy sufficient to interrupt by means of a coconut shell. WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images .

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The crabs dwell on Pacific islands, and largely eat coconuts, therefore their identify, Smithsonian reported. However, the giants are something however mild and if given an opportunity will devour just about something they will get their claws on. Along with seabirds, the crabs have been identified to eat kittens, and even different coconut crabs. In truth, some scientists counsel that the crabs would even be capable to eat a useless or dying human if given the chance. And if that’s not sufficient to indicate you that there actually isn’t any restrict to this animal’s urge for food, in keeping with Mental Floss, the coconut crab has been identified to eat its personal discarded physique elements.

Laidre hopes to additional examine the crabs by establishing cameras at their burrows to see what they do within the privateness of their houses.

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