Nine Movies to Watch This Valentine’s Day About Black Love

Illustration for the article titled 9 Movies That Embody the Diversity of Black Love Across Decades

Picture: Southside with you

It was the Friday before Valentine’s Day

And all over the house

Not a creature moved

Because we can’t go out.

* Sigh * It’s Valentine’s Day again. I’m a total romantic and I have Valentine’s Day traditions that go back five years and I can’t do it because my favorite restaurant is closed, for security reasons, and I refuse to ever set foot in a movie theater again.

However, this may be a good thing, considering that Valentine’s Day falls squarely in the middle of Black History Month and celebrating black love is of the utmost importance. Because we have been trapped inside for too long, we have not had a chance to love our divine darkness and the divine darkness of others. The end of 2020 brought us Sylvie’s love, with a 93% in rotten tomatoes and excellent reviews of critics everywhere. Last Valentine’s Day, Stella Meghie The photograph, a love story focused on family and connection with roots was released. The fact that these movies came out less than a year apart amazes me, but that’s not the point.

This year, I want to pay tribute to the movies I love that paved the way for black love to be appreciated on the big screen, and maybe even include a children’s movie. Everyone’s love types, from romantic love to friendship to family love, are represented in these movies and are a perfect addition to your next Sunday night.


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