Nikon photo contest reveals the small world that surrounds us

Every year, the Nikon Small World Photo Contest combines art and science to create stunning subtle imagery from entries.

This year, the winner of the competition is Daniel Castranova, who works at Brent Weinstein’s laboratory at the National Institutes of Health by Bacon Samsa, who combined over 350 individual images to create this dorsal view of a juvenile zebrafish.

This image is particularly important because it was taken as part of an imaging effort that helped Castranova’s team make a spectacular discovery – zebrafish have lymph vessels inside their skulls previously only in mammals Was thought to

“The image is beautiful, but it also shows how powerful zebrafish can be as a model for the development of lymphatic vessels,” Castranova said in a statement. “As of 2015, we thought that this type of lymphatic system only occurs in mammals. By studying them now, the scientific community can accelerate a range of research and clinical innovations – everything from drug trials to cancer treatments . This is because the fish are so easy. More image to raise than mammals. “

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