Nightfall is a sequel mod with a lot of promise

Here’s a solid part of the game for this upcoming Dark Souls: Remastered mod

The creator of the known Daughters of Ash mod for Dark souls is back with an even bigger and bolder project, one that is being done with a group, and they have released an 18 minute preview of the game. The project, Dark Souls: Nightfall, is a “direct sequel” that begins with a leap of faith in the Furnace of the First Flame, right where Gwyn was killed by the Chosen Undead in the original ending.

To become night promises “a new story, a new combat system, a new world map, and more.”

To unravel that a bit, the assets of this mod aren’t entirely new, but the creators and contributors (Grimrukh, AinTunez, Meowmaritu, horkrux, Dane Brennand, wulf2k, Souv, ZullieTheWitch, Itzli, and Martin Billany) are doing their best. they can do To become night feel different and fresh for the fans.

That includes story-driven gameplay mechanics (like a wacky-looking dodge), voiced NPCs, “faster-paced” combat, enemies that were retexturized and received “heavily modified animations,” and a world that is partially Lordran such as we know it and partially new areas built from “existing map pieces”.

The preview footage demonstrates all of those elements. Aside from the Scorching Demon and the potential for other challenging boss fights to try and resolve, I am most intrigued by the time-altering properties of Gwyn’s Pendant, a “locket containing remains of the First Flame.” At the beginning of To become night, a text message says that “there are twelve ashes left”; Approximately ten minutes later, another message ominously warns that eleven remain, and the player uses Gwyn’s pendant to go back in time.

The item description of the pendant suggests that “only the [player’s] souvenirs and special possessions “will make the return trip, which fans have already latched on to. They’re speculating on a time-based hook in To become night not very different majora mask. That would be a great fusion of minds, if true.

To become night It has no release date, but you can play it with a copy of Dark Souls: Remastered.


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