Night shot in Detroit Noel: what we know –

Night shot in Detroit Noel: what we know


DETROIT – Heavily armed police officers stormed the Detroit Institute of the Arts after three teenagers were shot on Saturday night on John R Street, just outside the Michigan Science Center.

The shooting occurred during the annual Noel Night in Midtown, an event that attracts thousands of people to the Midtown neighborhood of the city, near the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA) on Farnsworth and John R.

  • 3 teenagers were killed
  • Suffered life-threatening injuries
  • Families fled Noe Night after the shooting
  • Wayne State University was in custody

Sources say that a girl of 17 years old received in a dispute with a man who opened fire. It is not clear if she knew the gunslinger. Two children, one aged 14 and 16, were also shot. Sources say they may have been innocent bystanders.

The 45th annual Noel Night was canceled after the night's shooting.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said there was a strong police presence, but that he is reevaluating personnel in light of the shooting.

"Certainly, we did not deploy as we indicated for a fireworks celebration on July 4th, so let's see that in the future," Craig said. "Sometimes it's an incident like this that creates so much fear, but this should not be the incident that defines who we are."

The three victims suffered injuries that do not endanger life.

People Flee Noel Night

Noel Night's tweets reported that a large crowd of people were fleeing the area after hearing gunshots. Fights were also reported in the shooting area.

When asked about the police presence at Noel Night, Craig said it was "significant," though less so than at the Detroit fireworks. The event may need more police officers next year, he said, adding that officials may also need to reconsider how children are left unsupervised at the event.

"One of the things we've seen tonight (there are) many young children here without parental supervision," Craig told Local 4. "The parents left their children, probably at the Science Museum, for a festive night, to be critical, just to say that we have to think again, it's about public safety. "

Wayne State Closure

Wayne State University said at 9:30 p.m. – about half an hour before the official end – that the event was closed. The people in the place said that the police sent people home at 9 p.m.

Helicopters were seen flying over Midtown shortly after the shooting.

The campus of Wayne State University was locked up Saturday night as a precautionary measure for all buildings, including libraries, school officials said. All activities were canceled

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