Spoiler Alert! It contains some spoilers for Mandy which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and has not yet been picked up for distribution.

PARK CITY, Utah – If you ever wondered why Nicolas Cage is the most Hollywood leading meme-able man, look no further than the totally crazy Mandy .

The action star was on hand for the premiere of his latest thriller, blood strewn at the Su ndance Film Festival early on Saturday, where the midnight vocal crowd was captivated and confused by the dream of the psychedelic fever that developed on the screen.

For the uninitiated, Mandy is the second feature by filmmaker Panos Cosmatos, whose debut in 2010 Beyond the Black Rainbow was equally infused with heavy metal and science fiction influences. [19659006] In Mandy set in 1983, Cage plays a Stoic logger named Red Miller, who lives in a remote dwelling in the desert with his maladjusted illustrator, Mandy (Andrea Riseborough). But when a mysterious religious sect known as the Black Skulls wreaks havoc on its quiet existence and kills its titular twin soul, Red undertakes a murderous mission of revenge.

Now, before saying "Register!" and stop reading, a fair warning: it takes Mandy a total of 1 hour and 5 minutes to bite the dust, and an additional 10 minutes for Red to shoot one of his wife's killers: a demoniac biker gang summoned by Black Skulls, which have metal claws, orc-like traits and an insatiable thirst for LSD. (Just leave it alone.)

In fact, the first half of the film is a sepia-like slogue without sepia, whose copious scenes of cult rituals of trees, pillows, and creepy cults inspired a handful of strikes between festivals. attendees at the Library Center Theater.

But those impatient few can never know what they missed in those glorious last 40 minutes of Mandy – a delightfully disturbing exhibition of Cage murdering the bad in every way in rude ways. Some of the most memorable:

Appearing on stage for a question and answer session after the screening around 2:15 a.m., Cage said that the apprehensive confrontation with the chainsaws was his favorite scene to shoot.

His training partner was "twice my size, so that's pretty intimidating," Cage said blankly, earning laughs. "We had about three weeks (rehearsal)." I was still recovering from a broken leg and could hardly make the film, but we all practiced together and somehow my leg was cured, through all the stunt tests, it was done stronger and stronger, so I'm glad I made the movie too, for that reason. "

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