Nick Sirianni: 5 things to know about the new head coach of the Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles have a new head coach and His name is nick syrian.

There is a good chance you have never heard before this week. And even if you had, you probably didn’t know all that A lot about him.

So, let’s rectify that, with some insight from those who know Sirini best. I reached out Chris bolstone Of Stampede blue And he was polite enough to answer my questions about the former Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator.

1) Do you think the Eagles are making good decisions by hiring Sirini?

This is a difficult question to answer with any coordinator who has to shift to a head coaching job, but overall, I believe Sirianni has the makeup of a good head coach. The Colts offensive coaching staff are very supportive, character-driven, and emphasize analytics in their play calling. I hope to take Sirini to the Eagles and implement a similar style as head coach.

Syrian is a high floor option as a head coach. He is a leader, a well respected person and a creative mind. He has spent a lot of time working on a close relationship with Frank Reich who is friendly as an aggressive employee you can hope for, while still putting together solid offensive performances.

2) When did Sirini actually play a role in the Colts’ offense in the Frank Reich calling plays? What are some things planned during his time at Indy?

Although he was not making a game day call, Sirini was certainly heavily involved in game planning. In many ways, he has been Frank Reich’s Reich Pederson. He has served as a sounding board for Reich and the man who has been closest to Reich in his time at Indy.

Additionally, Reich, Syrian, and former QB coach Marcus Brady, now the Colts Offensive Coordinator, would sit in weekly preservation meetings and were deeply involved in planning for pass protection for the week. This includes getting the quarterback, running back and offensive line all together, and the process is a possibility that Sirini will continue, and the Colts have been good at pass protection for more than the past 3 seasons.

In Cirini’s time the Colts have been in terms of winning notable field of excellence in offense, matchups with good route combinations and planning rather than relying on skill players. Colich did not have a great receiver room during which Reich had been the head coach, and they had to win through play calling with their individual players.

Tight ends and running backs have played a large part of the Colts’ passing attack, and chances are Syriani is on the run for any offense.

3) To help heal Carson Wentz the Eagles talk a lot about how to hire Sirini. Based on how the Colts quarterback has performed, what level of confidence does Sernani have from Wentz?

As I have previously mentioned, the Sirini Pass will be a major asset in conservation. Having a consistent vision to keep Vantz upright and unconditional is the first step to unlock his MVP-level ability when trying to drive offense. If that player is still there, then that part of Sirini’s methods is likely to be a help.

I think Eagles fans should expect a clash, but I also think that Sirini has proven herself to be a capable coach who has had to turn into a ridiculously chaotic situation in her time as an offensive coordinator. . He went on his luck from Andrew Luck, an aging, to make a surprise switch to backup as a starter at Jacoby Brissett Philip rivers. All of these players have wildly different abilities and strengths, but the Colts managed to get good output out of them.

If Carson Wentz of 2017 is still there, I think Sirini will get him out.

4) Are there any Colts assistant coaches growing up that you can see trying to get him into Philly? I know Jonathan Gannon is rumored.

The Colts coaching staff has been the source of many rumors and has speculated this offense, as they are reputed to be around the league. I think Gannon would probably make the most possible pairing if he were to bring any coaching staff with him.

Frank Reich has allowed it to operate under Matt Eberfluss without a ton of input and interference. I would hope that Sirini would like to bring in an equally talented defensive coach with a harmonious vision on the players. Jonathan Gannon brings unique experience to a roster as he spent time as a scout as well as his defensive background. He has proven to be a capable developer of young talent at corner-corner and safety, where the Colts have basically plugged in their rogues right away and asked him to play a leading role on defense.

5) What, if anything, can you tell us about Sarayani from the area? To what extent does he bring leadership to the table?

Like Frank Reich, Sirini is a man of faith and high character. He is well liked and respected in the organization, and when he brings a little more fire to the practice area than Reich, he is cut with the same cloth.

He was a part of a Colts organization that held very passionate player meetings to discuss the team in the wake of George Floyd’s assassination and subsequent protests. That staff has focused on it to be more than just football, and even though business decisions are always being made in the sport, they have tried their best to create a family-type environment. I think you will take these things to the Eagles, and while they will undoubtedly be some of Syrian’s dispositions, it makes me wonder what the last 3 seasons have been dramatically different than the Colts in Frank Reich.

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