Nick Foles remains Bears starting quarterback candidate

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The Bears would love to make a splash this offseason by trading a franchise quarterback like Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson. But if they can’t pull it off, the alternative option may be to stick with the quarterback they have: Nick Foles.

Foles remains under contract with the Bears with an affordable salary cap of $ 6.7 million in 2021. Foles’ cap number would be higher than that, so there is no incentive for the Bears to ditch him. Mitchell Trubisky becomes a free agent on March 17 and is not expected to return to Chicago, but there is every reason to believe that Foles will remain on the roster.

As noted by the Chicago Sun-TimesBears general manager Ryan Pace has sounded positive when talking about Foles this offseason.

“I respect the way he handled a lot of adversity this year, not just for himself in the quarterback room,” Pace said. “He was a leader in the room as a starter or as a substitute. Y . . . when he was playing, there were some things that, to be fair to him, the offensive line was a little shaky and the running game wasn’t exactly where we wanted it to be. “

Pace knows his job is at stake if the Bears don’t improve in 2021, and it’s hard to believe he wouldn’t want to move up at quarterback this offseason. But improving at quarterback can be easier said than done, and the Bears may survey the scene and find they can’t get anyone better than Foles.

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