Nick Falls fielded Vikings over MNF late in Beers’ loss

Jim reneking

| United states today


Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles was forced off the field after being thrown into the field late Monday night in the fourth quarter by Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ifedi Odenagbo.

The play took place within a minute of play as pockets broke around Fole, who tried to throw the ball and score time with the goal without losing time, leaving their team behind 19-13. Fol appeared on his shoulder, throwing shoulders. After the game, Bears coach Matt Negi said Foles’ legs and hip were being evaluated.

Foles was replaced by backup Tyler Bray (Mitchell Trubisky was inactive). Bray’s first pass was a short throw to Ryan Nal who went for 18 yards. Brey then had five consecutive incomplete passes – including a spike to stop the clock – as the Bears lost their fourth consecutive game.

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The game ended with 15 completions on 26 attempts for 106 yards and an interception.

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