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A fervent Planet X researcher is for certain that the legendary Nibiru, often known as Wormwood or Planet X, is at present locked into Venus’ orbit.

Daniel Manson, who shared his weird theories on Twitter, claimed Nibiru and Earth are on a collision course that may happen in May 2018.

Nibiru, is a theoretical planetary system from past the fringes of the photo voltaic system that’s believed by doom mongers to be heading in direction of Earth.

This rogue planet will supposedly herald the top days by wreaking havoc on Earth with its gravitational waves, inflicting the poles to modify and triggering mbad earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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Mr Manson stated: “I imagine that the Earth turns round Nibiru, as a result of Wormwood is within the Venus orbit.

“Nibiru is arising from beneath at a 32-degree angle. And now the Earth is way away on the different aspect of the solar.

“The Earth will come again on the similar aspect that Nibiru does in 2018.”

These daring claims are supposedly supported by very tough sketches of the photo voltaic system and Earth’s orbit across the solar.

Nibiru: Thermonuclear World War 3GETTY

Nibiru: The nuclear fires of World War three will precede Planet X’s arrival

In Mr Manson’s sketches, Nibiru already flew previous Mercury and the solar in a decent orbit and is at present hiding behind Venus. 

The Earth will come again on the similar aspect that Nibiru does in 2018

Daniel Manson, Planet X researcher

But the terrifying prospects of celestial armageddon don’t finish there, as a result of Mr Manson is satisfied that the world will first be consumed by nuclear hellfire.

Mr Manson ominously claimed the world’s funds will first collapse, adopted by the outbreak of World War three, earlier than Wormwood arrives.

The researcher additionally claims that current spikes in volcanic exercise around the globe are linked to Nibiru’s supposed presence behind the solar.

Nibiru: Planet X in Venus' orbitDANIEL MANSON TWITTER

Nibiru: The Planet X researcher claims Wormwood is now in Venus’ orbit

He stated: “I believe this isn’t the yr of the crossing. Surely will probably be in 2018, however do not forget that there are two issues equal to Nibiru.

“These two issues should occur earlier than the crossing of Nibiru.

“Firstly the autumn of the worldwide monetary system. Secondly the Third World Thermonuclear War.

“Everything should occur earlier than the crossing of Nibiru.”

Nibiru: Photos of the ‘loss of life planet’

Mon, September 25, 2017

Planet X has been caught on digicam, it has been claimed

Leaked still of the Planet X system on its approach, caught by infrared camera


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Leaked nonetheless of the Planet X system on its method, caught by infrared digicam

Many disbelievers will nonetheless problem the authenticity of the claims, calling out how Nibiru was already against arrive over Earth on September 23 and and on October 20.

The rogue planet was in reality credited with the 2012 ‘End of the World’ scare and a number of other different doomsday eventualities through the years.

This may be attributed to the truth that the Nibiru concept is nothing greater than an elaborate on-line hoax that has gotten out of hand.

Scientists at Nasa have underlined for a few years that Nibiru is just not actual and there may be nothing to substantiate the claims that Planet X even exists.

Nibiru: Planet X in spaceGETTY

Nibiru: Planet X is a supposed rogue planetary system heading for Earth

The American area company’s lead scientist Dr David Morrison stated: “There isn’t any credible proof no matter for the existence of Nibiru. 

“There are not any footage, no monitoring, no astronomical observations.

“I can fairly particularly say how we all know Planet X or Nibiru doesn’t exist and doesn’t threaten Earth.

“Firstly, if there was a planet headed into the internal photo voltaic system that was going to return near the Earth, it might already be contained in the orbit of Mars, it might be vivid, it might be simply seen to the bare eye – if it was up there it might be straightforward to see it, all of us might see it.”

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