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CJ says that Nibiru is seen to the bare eye

The conspiracy theorist who solely identifies himself as CJ claims his images show Nibiru is getting nearer to earth than ever earlier than and can set off this excessive climate change inside “3-5 years”.

Nibiru is a legendary celestial physique from past our photo voltaic system. 

Conspiracy theorists consider the enormous planet, believed to be greater than Jupiter, will sign the top of the world.

CJ informed he shared these images, taken in an undisclosed location within the southeast of America, within the hope to persuade non-believers of the planet’s existence.

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He stated: “I wish to wake as many individuals as doable to what’s taking place. 

“The frequent false impression in regards to the visibility of those planetary our bodies is that they’ll emit mild or seem like a second solar, however they really seem as shadows, like a brand new moon through the day.

“You can solely see them when they’re near Earth of their rotational cycle. The proven fact that we will see them signifies that they’re shut and I consider inside Three-5 years the proximity will trigger a pole shift.”

Conspiracy theorists consider Nibiru has such intense gravity it’s now inflicting the Earth to wobble on its axis, resulting in extra highly effective storms and earthquakes.

Nibiru is said to be bigger than JupiterGETTY

Nibiru is alleged to be greater than Jupiter


The planet seems as a shadow through the day

They declare that the likes of Hurricane Irma and Jose, together with a number of earthquakes across the globe, are indicators that Planet X is nearing.

CJ added: “It has already modified our climate patterns therefore the acute climate world wide.

“Eventually the North pole will shift to the place the centre of the Earth is now inflicting main tsunamis and earthquakes.”

Earlier this 12 months common web site Planet X News writes: “Several Earth adjustments that are actually ongoing are indicators of elevated Earth wobble which in flip ought to inform us a pole shift occasion is imminent. 


Cj believes Nibiru is being hidden by chemtrails

I wish to wake as many individuals as doable to what’s taking place


“All this means to us that the Nibiru system has arrived in our neighbourhood, the interior photo voltaic system.

“This Earth wobble has intensified much more inside this final month (August) and so has the acute climate. 

“What has occurred alongside the coasts of South America has proven how intense this Earth wobble phenomenon has turn out to be.”

CJ additionally revealed he believes that the federal government is spraying chemtrails within the sky to cover the planet from view, particularly now that the planet is getting growing nearer to earth.


Nibiru conspiracy theorists consider the planet is transferring the earth’s poles


Nibiru conspiracy theorists badume Planet X will deliver the top of the world

Many Nibiru believers badume there’s a high secret mission involving quite a few deliberate army badignments to cowl up proof of the menace.

So-called “truth-seekers” consider army plane are getting used to create chemtrails within the sky which block out the visibility of approaching Planet X.

Chemtrails is a reputation derived from condensation trails – the white traces of condensation left behind by high-flying plane.

However, many consider they aren’t created by water vapour however are literally a results of the planes spraying poisonous chemical compounds and organic brokers into the air to cover the planet from view.

Nibiru: Photos of the ‘demise planet’

Mon, September 25, 2017

Planet X has been caught on digital camera, it has been claimed

Leaked still of the Planet X system on its approach, caught by infrared camera


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Leaked nonetheless of the Planet X system on its strategy, caught by infrared digital camera

David Meade, who has written a e book on the Planet X conspiracy, claims the paths are getting used to cover the alien planet.

He stated: “Its goal – climate modification and warfare – and the cover-up of the second solar, Planet X.

“They accomplish the latter by aerosol spraying at dawn and sundown, the 2 occasions of the day when Planet X might be noticed. They focus their operations in highly-populated areas.”

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