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BLACKOUT: Matt Rogers says the media are masking up Nibiru.

Nibiru conspiracy theorists declare mainstream newspapers and web sites throughout the globe, on the request of governments, have collectively agreed to not divulge to the world that they know a legendary planetary system is making its method in the direction of Earth.

According to some Nibiru believers, each newspaper editor throughout the globe has agreed to not break the story amid worry over the “high level of mbad panic it would cause.”

The Nibiru fable emerged in 1976, when author Zecharia Sitchin claimed two historic Middle Eastern cultures, the Babylonians and Sumerians, advised of an enormous planet dubbed Nibiru which orbited the Sun.

And the Nibiru or Planet X idea claims a mini photo voltaic system consisting of a solar, planets and moons is lurking on the sting of our system with an enormous three,600 miles orbit of the solar.

Nibiru believers are satisfied the “rogue system” is making its method from the outer photo voltaic system inwards, the place it’s going to wreak havoc on Earth because it pbades at about 4 million miles away.

They say the planet will trigger the poles to modify, sparking nice earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

After nothing occurred in October – when it was initially speculated to hit – believers now declare it will likely be on an strategy path with the Earth between November 20 and December 20.

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One of the largest pushers of the “Nibiru media blackout” idea is UK-based conspiracy theorist Matt Rogers, who runs the YouTube channel Sky Watcher Matt Rogers.

He releases every day movies, with claims he has proof of Nibiru within the sky, wherein he lambasts the media for maintaining schtum.

Mr Rogers stated: “We can all see from the skies, that the skies are altering, that there’s a drawback, however nonetheless the media says nothing, as a result of the governments and the shadow authorities don’t desire them to.

“In this video, I will present how the powers that be management the media, as a result of they do it each day.

“They inform us all the things is ok, however you may see the chemtrails up there.

“They have been getting away with the propaganda for a lot of, a few years.

“We take heed to these TV stations, we learn the newspapers, we take heed to the radio, and we take a look at the web, however they’re all managed by the powers that be – the shadow authorities.

“They play us on a regular basis as puppeteers – we want and demand the reality we would like true information.”

But regardless of claims of a canopy up, scores of mainstream media retailers have reported on Nibiru conspiracy theories since August when there have been claims from believers together with Mr Rogers that Nibiru was about to cross Earth. 

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We take heed to these TV stations, we learn the newspapers, we take heed to the radio, and we take a look at the web, however they’re all managed by the powers that be – the shadow authorities.

Matt Rogers

Mr Rogers additionally commented on’s protection of Nibiru. 

In a video replace he stated: “The Daily Express, that retains bringing in details about my channel and different details about different channels as properly.

“Now, I simply need to say that for those who hold sending this data out in your webpage, properly I am simply going to file a criticism, as a result of we will see there there’s a major problem in our skies.

“Why do not you expose the federal government concerning the chemtrails?

“At the tip of the day you might be all paid by authorities, information media is run by governments.

“And, I’ll file a criticism, since you are simply attempting to trigger a little bit of friction to say this is not true, however what we will see, and plenty of 1000’s of individuals noticing, the skies have modified.

“You simply put this information out in your paper, and it is only a waste of time.

“Because many of the members of the public around the world are seeing the truth, they’re seeing there is a problem.”

Nasa denies the existence of Nibiru. The US house company’s official line is that conspiracy theorists equivalent to Mr Rogers are utterly incorrect, and the Nibiru fable is an web hoax.

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Dr David Morrison, a scientist with the house company, stated: “There isn’t any credible proof no matter for the existence of Nibiru. 

“There are not any footage, no monitoring, no astronomical observations.

“I can fairly particularly say how we all know Planet X or Nibiru doesn’t exist and doesn’t threaten Earth.

“Firstly, if there was a planet headed into the interior photo voltaic system that was going to return near the Earth, it might already be contained in the orbit of Mars, it might be brilliant, it might be simply seen to the bare eye – if it was up there it might be straightforward to see it, all of us might see it.” 

Space boffin Dr Brian Cox has additionally insisted Planet X doesn’t exist.

And affiliate Professor Jonti Horner, an astronomer on the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, stated: “I’ve by no means heard of anyone who’s an precise astronomer discuss Nibiru earlier than. 

“It’s mainly an city fable — it’s like having a biologist popping out and speaking about werewolves and the Sasquatch being actual. You simply wouldn’t hear it.”

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