NHL will accept $ 650 million expansion request in Seattle

Seattle City Council approved a $ 660 million proposal to renovate KeyArena in 2020 and there could be a new NHL franchise ready to fill seats when construction is complete.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman told reporters on Thursday that the NHL Governors Board agreed to accept / consider a Seattle expansion request and allow multi-millionaire David Bonderman and his group of investors to make a season ticket .

"It does not mean that we are opening a new expansion process. It will allow you to present a case and if you also want to try to do a study to sell seasonal tickets, you can do it, "said Bettman.

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The expansion fee for a new team in Seattle will be $ 650 million and would give the NHL the opportunity to balance the conferences, if the Seattle expansion request is accepted. There are currently 31 franchises in the NHL with the Western Conference with 15 and the East with 16. One team in Seattle with 16 in each conference.

The 7-1 vote of the Seattle City Council also paved the way for an NBA franchise to immediately return to Seattle. KeyArena was the home of SuperSonics of the NBA during 33 of the 41 years of the franchise in Seattle before the investment group of Clay Bennett bought the equipment to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz in 2006 and moved the team to Oklahoma City in 2008 .

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