NHL Draft 2020 Madness Only Rangers Threat To Alexis Laffrinier

A business talk has essentially evaporated. If the club has called to inquire about the availability of the first pick, Jeff Gorton is ready to listen. Why not? If Ottawa was drafted to offer third-overall plus Brady Takachuk and another young asset, it might also make some sense. But there is no indication that anything has ever been brought to the table.

So until some lumps descend before the NHL Entry Draft (and when did that ever happen in 2020?) Starting at 7 pm on Tuesday evening, the Rangers will announce the selection of Alexis Laffrinier as the first-overall pick .

And just like that, the Blueshirts will have a 19-year-old left wing from Rimoski of QMJHL, who is capable of being an immediate impact player and expected to be a long-term staple in proximity to the top NHL food chain.

It has been a few months since the end of Lafreniere’s season, months after the Rangers first came with the overall NHL, since the 1969 NHL adopted a universal draft. Since the pingpong ball popped, it is impossible to find a non-believer in the 19-year-old, who not only possesses upper-game skills but also plays with a consistent mean edge.

This is exactly the type of player the Rangers need. This is the same player the Rangers will have sometime after 7 pm until they deviate from the plan at the last minute. They will have young men from Saint-Eustache, Quebec, who have separated themselves from the remainder of the draft field and who have to hunt high and low to find a single negative review.

The New York hierarchy has known her to live in this no-contact, zoom world as much as possible in the real world. No one to meet. No combination for testing. It is about perception flashing through a computer screen. But it’s all good.

“We are really impressed with him. We’ve had a few swings with him and obviously done our homework.” We’ve talked to a lot of people around him. He’s a really humble kid who wants all the people around him to Credits, he is a good family child, he works really hard. He is really focused.

“Apparently he is in a different position where he is considered a high pick for a very long time which is now extended into a few more months. [beyond the originally scheduled draft in June] So it has become a bit of a crazy process for him.

Lafreniere has been unanimously honored for his character and work ethic. His on-ice characteristics are exactly what the Rangers are seeking. Championship teams not only fill their bottom six with hard-aided players, they see to it that their leading athletes are also capable of playing with an edge. For example, take a look at Nikita Kucharov of Lightings.

The Blueshirts have the 22nd overall pick on Tuesday. This is a pick from Carolina in exchange for Brady Skeazy. There is no doubt that Gorton is ready to be able to transfer that selection as part of a package either to the current NHLer or to the order.

“I think we’ll see some things to do,” GM said. “We’ll look at all those scenarios.”

Can the team go much further to choose Wisconsin center Dylan Holloway or Finnish axle Anton Lundell?

If the Rangers retain their pick at 22, prospects include Chicotimi center Hendrix LaPierre; Kamloops Center Connor Zari; Shawinigan Center Mavrik Bourque; Incoming U of Michigan freshman center Brendan Bryson; Brandon left wing Ridley Gregg; And Halifax defenseman Justin Barone, Morgan Barron’s brother.

Columbus restricted free agent power winger Josh Anderson could be a trade target. The issue from the Rangers’ point of view is the 26-year-old winger who underwent shoulder surgery in March after playing only 26 games, which would be eligible for unrestricted free agency next summer.

The Blueshirts need to know that they can sign him soon after arrival. Will Tom Wilson have a fair value of $ 5.167 million? It is unknown whether Columbus – where President John Davidson came from – would allow the Rangers to negotiate with Anderson’s representative before a consumption trade.

No resolution has been made regarding the status of pending restricted free agent Ryan Strome, who has yet to receive a qualified resolution. The deadline for such a proposal is 5 pm on Wednesday, rather than 5 pm on Tuesday, which was erroneously reported at this location. The Memorandum of Understanding between the NHL and NHLPA established October 6 as the deadline, but has been changed to 7 October. 7. If Strome is not eligible, the team’s third leading scorer will become eligible to hit the open market on Friday.


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