NHL, Amazon Web Services partner to bring fans new viewing experiences

NEW YORK AND SEATTLE – Today, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) company, announced that it has signed an agreement with the National Hockey League (NHL) to become the Official Cloud, Artificial NHL® Machine Learning and Intelligence Infrastructure Provider.

By leveraging the breadth and depth of AWS services, the NHL will be able to automate video processing and content delivery in the cloud and leverage its Puck and Player Tracking (PPT) system, which runs on the cloud infrastructure of AWS, to better capture the details. of the game for your fans, teams and media partners. The NHL will also build an enterprise video platform on AWS to aggregate video, data and related applications into a central repository that will allow easier search and retrieval of archival video footage, provide broadcasters with instant access to NHL content for distribution and licensing, and will facilitate the creation and delivery of new analytics, predictions, and featured in-game videos to enhance mobile, online, and streaming experiences.

The NHL will work with the Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab to apply AWS’s broad portfolio of machine learning services to game video and official NHL data, including data from the new Player and Puck Tracking System (PPT). ) of the NHL and of the Hockey Information & Tracking of the NHL. Real-time system statistics (HITS): to develop and share advanced game statistics and metrics that take fans deeper into the game. Additionally, the NHL intends to use AWS Elemental Media Services to develop and manage a cloud-based 4K and HD video content delivery system that will provide a comprehensive view of the game to officials, coaches, players, and fans of the NHL. NHL. Developed by AWS, the system will encode, process, store, and stream game footage from a number of new camera angles to provide continuous video streams that capture gameplay and events outside the field of view of traditional streaming cameras. Additionally, by leveraging AWS analytics services, including Amazon Kinesis (the AWS service for easily collecting, processing, and analyzing video and streaming data in real time) and machine learning services such as Amazon SageMaker (the AWS service that enables data scientists and developers to quickly build, train and implement machine learning models), the NHL will be able to audit their feeds to stream to partners in real time. This capability will allow the NHL to create an intelligent monitoring system that automatically detects and corrects potential feeding problems, offering fans a seamless in-game experience on all viewing platforms.

“AWS’s cutting-edge technology and services will provide us with capabilities to deliver analytics and insights that highlight the speed and skill of our game to drive greater fan engagement,” said the NHL Commissioner. Gary Bettman. “AWS is unmatched in the portfolio of cloud services it offers, including computer vision and machine learning, and we intend to leverage them across the board to deliver advanced analytics to our teams, officials, and media partners faster. than ever. We are delighted that AWS is joining the NHL’s family of premier technology partners as we continue our focus on innovation and building the most advanced technology solutions in the sport. “

“AWS is working with the world’s most recognized sports leagues to better understand and innovate their data using our broad portfolio of machine learning services,” he said Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS. “With this agreement, AWS will bring our industry-leading cloud technology to the NHL, becoming a critical partner in delivering NHL performance analytics and collaborating to improve the way people experience hockey by providing content. more engaging and more information to fans. AWS breadth and depth of services, our proven experience in sports analytics, and our relentless focus on innovation give the NHL the ability to provide insight and a layer of engagement from fans completely new to the game of hockey. “

The NHL will present its new analyzes using AWS technology and services during the upcoming season. For more information please visit www.aws.amazon.com/sports.

@NHLonNBCSports Tweet: AWS has partnered with the NHL to be your official cloud infrastructure partner. Hear from Commissioner Gary Bettman and AWS CEO Andy Jassy about how this will continue to power the game of hockey. pic.twitter.com/HONkRjBjdL


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