NFLPA: 21 players have tested positive for COVID-19 in camps


Players reporting to the training camp are being tested for COVID-19 several times before entering team facilities and on Tuesday brought some information about how many of those tests have been positive so far.

The NFLPA announced that the test conducted as part of the training camp reporting process resulted in 21 positive tests. Rookies, injured players and quarterbacks were allowed to start reporting earlier than the previous week. Veterans on most teams began reporting for the camp on Tuesday.

The union did not declare that the overall tests were carried out overall or that there were any outstanding results from the preliminary tests. He announced that a total of 107 players have tested positive during the offseason.

Players who test positive for COVID-19 will be placed on the reserve list, unless they are experiencing symptoms and / or receiving multiple negative tests. Players who come in contact with an infected person will also go to that list and will not announce the reason for the placement of any player in the league list.

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