NFL Week 5 Grade: Raiders get an A + for mains, Titans earn for Tuesday +

Many teams in the NFL may not go toe-to-toe with the Kansas Chiefs in a shootout, but the Las Vegas Raiders did exactly that on Sunday. In the biggest bouts of the season, the Raiders defeated the Chiefs in their game in a surprise 40–32 victory for Las Vegas. The reason for the Raiders’ victory was a surprise as it is not a team known for winning a shootout. Since Derek Carr was drafted in 2014, the Raiders had only marked the 40-point total twice before Sunday, and a big reason for this is that Carr is usually afraid to take the shot downfield.

Well, if that was his biggest weakness, the rest of the NFL may be in trouble, as Carr seems to have overcome his fear of throwing deep. Not only did the Raiders overtake quarterback Patrick Mahomes, but they did it in a spectacular manner.

With the Raiders trailing 14-3 in the second quarter, they needed a big game, and they received it as Carr prepared to throw deep.

Do you see that there is a 59-yard touchdown pass from Carr to Nelson Aghor that provoked the Raiders to offense.

Not only did Carr make the pass, but he actually found himself standing in the quarters one at a time when he threw a perfect strike to Henry Ruggs for a 72-yard touchdown. This time, the score gave the Raiders an edge just before halftime.

The desire to throw Carr deep probably caught the Chiefs off-guard, and that’s because he never really tried to do it all season. During the first four weeks of the year, the Raiders only made one play of 40 or more yards. In their victory on Sunday, the Raiders made four such plays. Carr, who threw for 347 yards and three touchdowns, completely outperformed Mahomes, who threw for 340 yards and two touchdowns.

It was a wild week 5 Sunday, and John Breech, Ryan Wilson and host Will Brinson would break everything on the Pick Six podcast; Listen below and be sure to subscribe to Daily NFL Goodness.

Of course, Carr was not the only reason the Raiders won. In the second half, Vegas was also able to create panic due to the great defense of the team’s defense. After surrendering 24 points in the first half, the Raiders flourished and only conceded eight points in the second half.

The Chiefs had the ball five times in the second half and came away with just one touchdown, which happened in garbage time. The Raiders’ secret was too simple to slow down the Mahomes: they were able to put pressure on the Chiefs quarterback (who was sacked three times), which made almost every throw harder for the Mahomes. The Raiders Secondary also did a great job of sticking with Kansas City receivers, even on plays where the Mahomes tried to twist things in Hayard football.

That blocking came in the fourth quarter right there and was Mahomes’ first season.

With this win, the Raiders kept the door open on the AFC West race. Instead of running away with the division of Kansas City, Vegas now has its own odds of victory.

Okay, let’s get grades for every game from week 5 onwards. If you’re taking a deep dive on the Buccaneers-Bears game played on Thursday, be sure to click here.

Las Vegas 40–32 over Kansas City

Grader-Chief Grade by Tyler Sullivan (Love the grade? Hate the grade? Tell him on twitter.)

Houston 30-14 over Jacksonville

Carolina 23-16 at Atlanta

LA Ram 30-10 on Washington

30-10 at Arizona NY Jets

Pittsburgh 38-29 at Philadelphia

Eagles-Steelers grad Brian Deardo (love the grade? Hate the grade? Tell him on twitter.)

Baltimore 27-3 at Cincinnati

Bengals-Rance grade by Jeff Kerr (Love the grade? Hate the grade? Tell him on twitter.)

Miami 43-17 on San Francisco

Dolphin-49ers Grade by Jordan Dajani (Love the grade? Hate the grade? Tell him on twitter.)

Dallas 37-34 at NY Giants

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Cleveland 32-23 at Indianapolis

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Seattle 27-26 over Minnesota

Vikings-Seahawks grade by Coding Benjamin (Love the grade? Hate the grade? Tell him on twitter.)

New Orleans 30-27 at LA Chargers

Tennessee 42-16 over Buffalo

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