NFL Week 1st Grade: Seahawk gets ‘A’ to give food to Russell Wilson, Cowboys earn ‘B’ despite loss

Seahawks fans have spent their entire lives trying to convince Seattle’s coaching staff to “let Juice Cook” and based on Sunday’s opener in Atlanta, it appears that the team has finally decided to let Russell Wilson into the kitchen did.

The “Let Ras Cook” mantra began Because Wilson and Seattle fans Want to see more of the quarterback this year, and that is what happened during the Seahawks’ 38-25 win against the Falcons.

Wilson scored 35 of 31 for 322 yards and four touchdowns, one of the most efficient games of his career. Since Wilson had a hot hand, the Seahawks did something they almost never did, basically giving up on the run and ending the game with just 20 carries, which is notable because the Seahawks never Quit running The victory over Atlanta marked just the fourth time in Wilson’s career that the Seahawks had run the ball in 20 or fewer games, where they had thrown it 35 times or more.

Even though the Seahawks were not running the ball, they used their running backs by calling a lot of screen plays. As a matter of fact, running back Chris Carson actually caught two of Wilson’s four touchdown passes, including a 19-yard run late in the first quarter.

In total, Carson caught six passes for 45 yards in a game, where he also hit 21 rushing yards.

As Wilson, the amazing thing about his performance is that if you don’t count DK Metcalf on his throws, he actually had a perfect game. Although he was just 4 of 8 targeting Metcalf, he was 27 of 27 for 227 yards and three touchdowns targeting all the rest. Of course, this does not mean that the Metcalf-Wilson connection was not working. The Seahawks second-year receiver actually caught a 38-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter that put Seattle up 21-12.

For the past few years, the Seahawks have been running their offense like a power-running team that has a game manager for a quarterback, but the reality of the situation is that they have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. If they let him spend more time in the kitchen this season then he can continue cooking, with the Sewks quickly turning into favorites and winning the NFC West.

Seattle 38-25 Atlanta

Buffalo 27-17 on NY Jets

Chicago 27-23 at Detroit

Green Bay over Minnesota 43-34

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New England over Miami 21-11

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Washington 27-17 Philadelphia

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Carolina on Las Vegas 34-30

Jacksonville 27-20 at Indianapolis

Baltimore 38-6 at Cleveland

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LA Charger 16-13 on Cincinnati

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34-23 New Orleans over Tampa Bay

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Arizona 24-20 in San Francisco

La Rama 20-17 on Dallas

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