NFL Week 12: Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Priorities For Every Position

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Week 12 of the NFL season should be an interesting one on the waiver wire that is available and players may have to replace you due to injury. The good news is that no team is goodbye to Week 12, but that does not mean that your fantasy roster remains intact.

In Week 11, Joe Burrow (knee), Rex Burkhead (knee), Lamick Perrin (ankle) and Greg Olsen (foot) suffered serious injuries, and we’re also tracking the condition of Julio Jones (hamstring and juju) Smith-Schuster (Toe) – with all other players who have already been dismissed. On top of that, we got COVID-19 related stories that we have to oversee in Baltimore (JK Dobbins and Mark Ingram) and Minnesota (Adam Thielen).

Thankfully, there are some good options on the waiver wire in each situation, including some possible starts, such as Temsome Hill, Gus Edwards, James White, Michael Pittman, and Debo Samuel, among others. We also have streaming options in tight end, DST and Kicker.

Fantasy playoffs start in Week 14 in most leagues, so be aggressive on the waiver wire this week if you’re fighting for a postman spot. You can’t take your FAB dollars offshore with you – at least in most leagues – so spend your money now if you think there’s a player who can help you win.

Editor’s Note: For this waiver wire column, we’re only looking at players roosting in less than 65% of the CBS Sports League.

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Week 12 waves

  • Note injury: Kylar Murray (shoulder), Joe Burrough (knee), Drew Breeze (ribs), Matthew Stafford (thumb), Teddy Bridgwater (knee), Phillip River (toe), Nick Foles (foot), Gardner Minscher (thumb), Jimmy Garpolo (ankle), Sam Darnold (shoulder)
  • On a goodbye: None! Week 13 is the last week.
  • priority list: Taysom Hill (64% Rosted), Phillip River (49%), Daniel Jones (30%), Andy Dalton (18%), Alex Smith (28%) and PJ Walker (4%)
  • Check to see what’s available: Derek Carr (70% Roasted). I loved Carr in going to Week 11 against City of Cannes, and he had his best game of the season with 27 fantasy points. He gets the Falcons in Week 12 and the Jets in Week 13 and is top-10 upside in those matches.
  • Possible drop candidates: Drew Breeze (81% Roasted), Carson Wentz (77%) and Jemis Winston (31%). There is no reason to sting the trees until you have an injured reserve for him, and Winston is clearly for the Saints at this point behind the Hill. For Wentz, there is talk that he could be ready for Jalan Hurts, and Wentz has scored 18 imaginary points or less in three consecutive matches. The only reason you might want Wentz is for his matchup against Seattle in Week 12, but he is not close to a start-up quarterback in any league right now.


Week 12 priority list

Wave wire

Running back

  • Note injury: Christian McCaffrey (shoulder), Joe Mixon (foot), Chris Carson (foot), Austin Eckler (hamstring), Rahm Mostert (ankle), D’Andra Swift (concussion), David Johnson (concealer), David Montgomery (concussion), Jaric McKinnon (neck), Mile Gaskin (knee), JK Dobbins (illness), Mark Ingram (illness), Rex Burkhead (knee), Jamiele Hosty (collarbone), Justin Jackson (knee), Devonta Freeman (ankle), Twin Coleman (Knee), Jeff Wilson (ankle) and AJ Dillon (illness)
  • priority list: Gus Edwards (42% Rosted), James White (45%), Cam Acres (46%), Carlos Hyde (48%), Frank Gore (15%), Devonte Booker (37%), Cordeller Patterson (18%) and Kerryn Johnson (22%)
  • Check to see what’s available: Jack Moss (80% rostered), Wayne Gaelmann (78%), Jerick McKinnon (77%) and JD McKissic (76%). Moss could be a sneaky starting option against the Chargers this week, who have allowed eight touchdowns in their five games to run back-to-back. Gallman has five touchdowns in his last four games and should continue to play well with Freeman, including in Week 12 against the Bengals. Most people and Coleman are expected to return in Week 12 of the 49ers, but I don’t want to kill McKinnon because he can still play a major role in San Francisco, especially when passing down. And McKissic should be rostered in all PPR leagues even though he had a down game against Bengal (nine PPR points) in week 11.
  • Possible drop candidates: Darrell Henderson (85% Rostard), Le’Veon Bell (82%) and Devin Singleri (76%). A mess with Henderson Ram is part of a three-headed backfield and may be on the verge of losing his job to Akers. Even though Bell scored in The Week 11 at The Raiders, he is clearly a handcuff for Clyde Edwards-Hellaire. And Singletary has scored nine PPR points or less in six consecutive matches and cannot be trusted, even with a good matchup against the Chargers.

rushing back

Week 12 priority list

Wave wire

Wide receiver

  • Note injury: Juju Smith-Shuster (toe), Julio Jones (hamstring), Adam Thielen (illness), Kenny Goalde (hip), Brandon Ayuk (illness), John Brown (ankle), Debo Samuel (hamstring), Sammy Watkins (hamstring) ), Julian Edelman (knee), Laviska Shenault (hamstring), Preston Williams (foot), Tre’Kuan Smith (concussion), Randall Cobb (toe), Kenny Stiles (quad), Danny Amendola (hip) and DeSean Jackson (Ankle)
  • priority list: Michael Pittman (45% Rosted), Debo Samuel (50%), Nelson Aghorol (41%), Sterling Shepard (51%), Tim Patrick (55%), Josh Reynolds (16%, Russell Gage (16%),) Daniel Mims (12%), Dammere Bird (2%), Jakeem Grant (11%) and Larry FitzGerald (9%)
  • Check to see what’s available: Curtis Samuel (81% Rosted), Corey Davis (76%), Darrius Slayton (75%), Jacoby Meyers (72%) and Cole Beasley (69%). Samuel has at least 16 PPR points in four of his last five games, and has at least nine goals in those two games. Davis has scored at least 11 PPR points in every game played this season, including Week 10 against the Colts, which he faces this week. Slaton has a terrific matchup against the Bengals in Week 12, and Cincinnati is ranked third for allowed receivers this year. 14. Meyers had a game low in Week 11 in Houston with six PPR points, but scored at least 13 PPR. Points in his three previous games and the Patriots should continue to be involved. Beasley has scored at least 11 PPR points in 10 of 7 games this year and John Brown could be a slick sleeper this week against the Chargers with an injury.
  • Possible drop candidates: Markies Brown (85% Rosted), Emmanuel Sanders (81%), John Brown (64%) and AJ Green (53%). Marquis Brown has scored nine PPR points or less in five consecutive matches, and at this point in most leagues he is difficult to justify. Sanders has had five goals in three consecutive matches since Michael Thomas was retired. John Brown is hurt, and if you’re going to miss time, you don’t have to stop him. And Green, despite scoring for all seasons last week against Washington, is not worth the struggle with being thrown out.

Wide receiver

Week 12 priority list

  • Note injury: George Kittle (foot), Zach Ertz (ankle) and Greg Olsen (foot)
  • priority list: Dalton Shultes (40%), Jordan Reid (26%), Austin Hooper (58%), Jordan Akins (4%), Logan Thomas (59%), Jimmy Graham (45% Rostard), Will Daly (1%) and Robert Tonyan (58%)
  • Check to see what’s available: Evan Engram (77% Rostard), Zach Ertz (73%) and Dallas Goedert (71%). Engram has earned at least 11 PPR points in two of his last three games, and has had a fantastic matchup against the Bengals, who are No. 4 in fantasy points for tight ends. Ertz could return in Week 12 against Seattle, and he will likely be a fictional tight end starting again. If he runs out, Goedert would be a necessary option, and he had just 18 PPR points in Week 11 in Cleveland.
  • Possible drop candidates: Jared Cook (87% Rosted), Noah Fantasy (82%) and Tyler Higgie (66%). Cook hit six targets in his last three games with three catches for 36 yards and no touchdowns. Fantastic has not scored a touchdown since Week 2 and has PPR points or less in six of his last seven games. Hugby has not scored a touchdown since Week 2 and has scored nine PPR points or less in seven consecutive matches.

tight end

Week 12 priority list

  • Giants in CIN (24%)
  • Seahawk at PHI (38%)
  • Packers (57%) vs CHI
  • Texas in DET (19%)

  • Mason Crosby (58%) vs. CHI
  • Tyler Bass (24%) vs LAC
  • Joey Sly on Min (29%)
  • Qaimi Fairborn at DET (45%)

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