NFL Week 1 Score, Highlights, Updates, Schedule: Aaron Rodgers Looks Like Old Self with Two Perfect Dime TDs

It’s early NFL Sunday of the 2020 season and we keep you updated on all the action and biggest storylines of the day. The Week 1 Slate has some great matchups and storylines, which we cannot see in front. Check back often to find everything you need to know about Week 1.





Metcalfe to #LetRussCook

To move to fourth out of five, the Seahawks gambled big and were rewarded for it. The Go route was favorable for DK Metcalf during his rookie season and this is the route he went for touchdowns here. It was an excellent Wilson ball that met Metcalf’s hands properly.

Rodgers revisits his old self

For the first quarter, the Vikings-Packers described how the series has been in the last four meetings or so – too much defense – and even safety. Then, Aaron Rodgers started cooking. The veteran quarterback is more motivated than ever after selecting his team’s first-round quarterback, and Matt LaFleur’s offense entering Year 2 makes him look more comfortable than ever. Rodgers caught fire in the second quarter with two touchdown passes that reminded us of the MVP-version. The first touchdown involved the beauty of a catch from Davante Adams. Then, he killed Marquez Valdes-Scantling on a bomb. Take a look for yourself.

Carr gave Aghoral a penny

Derek Carr told reporters that he felt this humiliation and that he had already fired in 2020. Carr finished another Raiders scoring drive with a well-thrown throw to newcomer Nelson Aghor for a 23-yard touchdown. The Vegas era is off to a great start on the offensive side of the ball. Through the first half, Carr has completed 13 for 18 yards and 18 pass attempts and one touchdown.

The Patriots design the perfect play for Cam’s first TD

Not only is Cam Newton in a Patriots uniform used to watch, but Cam Newton leads the football to the back of the goal for a score. On a play designed entirely by Pats coordinator Josh MacDunnilles – a similar play we saw before Cam was run in his career with the Panthers – Newton went into an end zone. Newton already has 26 yards rushing and one touchdown on four attempts.

Wentz drops a right ball to Rigor

We think you’ve been hearing a lot about Carson Wentz for a long, long time about the Jalan Regor connection. Wentz rolled quickly by adding his battered receiver to an incredible third-and-long position with a perfectly deep ball over Regor’s outside shoulder. Although Reagor was originally in doubt for Week 1 following an injury in August, he is stoned and rolling.

Henry Rugs lets loose soon

There was some speculation that the Raiders had reached out to draft the Rugs at receivers like Jerry Zeudy and Sidé Lamb, but they had the Rags as their clear-cut WR1s in Vegas and they rolled them in early in the week. 1. Rugs loose their trademark momentum. The Panthers are turning their first big game into a secondary and almost a touchdown.

Nyheim Hines first got Colts on board

Remember when the Colts traded in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft to pick Jonathan Taylor back? Well, on the first possession of the 2020 season, before the Phillip River era, he did not touch the ball. Instead, Nyheim Hines was punched in a 12-yard touchdown run on the run. Hines finished the drive with two touches for 18 yards. Marlon Mack ran for 18 yards on three touches on the opening drive and the divers scored 3-for-3 from 34 yards. It was an impressive drive for the Colts.

Strong winds for jets

Those hoping for the Josh Allen MVP campaign to be as quick as possible will want to adjust their expectations. Although a hurricane is not certain, but is possible, the Week 1 Bill-Jets game is about to hit strong winds at speeds of 20 mph. More than anything else, the air has a history of influencing offenses on both sides of the ball – sopping the passing game – and overall scoring. Last season, the Bills and Jets added a total of 53 points between the two teams in their two matches against each other.

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