NFL Training Camp 2020 – Phillip Rivers throws with the Colts, crooks try on new uniforms

After 16 seasons of suing for the Chargers, quarterback Phillip River passed on Thursday in Indianapolis Colts gear – one of several shocking new-team images from the 2020 NFL training camp. Rookies around the league tried on his new NFL uniform, and at least one Buccaneer player is still in awe that he is now teaming up with Tom Brady.

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Bill sent home after positive coronavirus tests

The Buffalo Bills sent their rogues home from the team’s facility on Thursday as a response to five positive coronavirus tests, the team told ESPN in a statement. A league source revealed two ESPN players, one of them a crook, tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday and the team decided to conduct the day’s meetings.

Titans GM spoke to Beasli, saying LB will ‘report in near future’

Tennessee Titans general manager John Robinson released a statement Thursday saying outside linebacker Vic Beasley Jr. would be reporting for training soon. Beasley missed the first two days of the camp and did not contact the team. The Titans kept Beasley in reserve / not listed on Tuesday.

Brett, recovered from coronavirus, says the workout was a “calculated risk”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Cameron Brett, who was diagnosed with the novel coronovirus in this corps and has since recovered, is said to participate in “reckoning risks” and believes Tom Brady’s organized workouts Is that it will be no different to play this season.


What did our NFL Nation journalists hear today

Rocky Jalan Hurts spent part of his offseason working with fellow dual-threat quarterback Dehat Watson in Houston. Hurts’ communication with Carson Wentz was limited due to the lack of a traditional spring schedule, he said, but he is eager to join her now that the facilities are opening back. “It was great sitting inside [virtual] Meetings and just listen to him talk, see how he sees the game, “Hurts said of Wentz. I just want to keep learning and listening to those things and just soak it all in.” – Tim McManus

Rocky cornerback Trayvon Diggs did not have an offseason schedule to prepare for the Dallas Cowboys’ training camp, but did have NFL experience in Miami, working with his brother Stephen, the Buffalo Broker receiver. Young Diggs said that he has won one battle after another. “When I was in high school, we used to train together every day, so it was nice to get trained with him,” Trayvon said. “He knows what it takes to get him there. I just led him and competed with him every day.” – Todd Archer

Asked if six weeks is enough time to get ready for Week 1, Saint de Cameron Jordan said, “I mean, if you said, ‘Cam, can you play this Sunday at midnight ? ” I think I’ll meet you in the parking lot somewhere. I’m ready “Jordan said that he believes everyone heartily follows coach Sean Peyton’s direction when this Penson asked the team to show him in the best shape of his life to camp. Saints LT Terron Armstead agreed That six weeks may be enough time – but emphasized that the margin for error is small, meaning they actually have to count the time. – Mike Triple

The Carolina Panthers released kicker Graham Nano, adding another $ 1.5 million in dead money to an already league-leading $ 41.2 million. But it was an expected move, with Gano calculating $ 4,337,500 against the 2020 salary cap and $ 5.2 million against the 2021 cap. Carolina stepped into a cap space of $ 2.8 million. Gono’s replacement, Joey Sly, is scheduled to count for $ 675,000 against this year’s cap, so the investment is minimal in that case. Don’t be surprised if Carolina brings in another kicker to push Sarli. But moving on from Gano, who spent last season on IR, he needed to be in other positions with plenty of needs. – David Newton

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“It has to be a Super Bowl or a bust, in all honesty. That’s the thing. There’s really nothing like that. It’s Super LL or Bust. If we don’t come for the big dance, it’s a failure of a season. That’s it. ”

Terron Armstead, Saints OT on New Orleans 2020 Aspirations

“When they first texted me, I had to get double confirmation from other people that it was actually Brady. They said, ‘Hey this is Tom. Give me a FaceTime when you can.” So i had to reach chris [Godwin] And mike [Evans] And be like, ‘Hey. Is it tom ‘Cause I didn’t want some random friends to think that it was Tom Brady. ”

Team up with Cameron Brett, Buccaneers TE, Tom Brady

“I love him. He’s a great leader, a great team man – someone I can vouch for anything.”

Henry Rugs III on playing with Derek Carr, Raiders WR


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