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NFL suspends the full-time arbitration program – ProFootballTalk

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With the legalized dissemination of games of chance, it is more important than ever that the NFL believes it is doing everything possible to ensure that officials receive as many calls as possible. And so, of course, the NFL has put its full-time refereeing program on the ice.

Kevin Seifert of ESPN.com reports that the league has retired full time officiating as part of the ongoing work discussions with the NFL Referee's Association. This means that NFL officers will once again be part-time employees, which presumably reeks of NFL officers who had become full-time employees (and, in turn, gave up their other half-time gigs). ).

Undoubtedly, it is an NFL negotiating tactic, which proved in 2012 that it is more than willing to compromise the quality of the officers (and, in turn, the integrity of the game) by blocking the officials and hiring replacements. After three embarrassing weekends, the league resolved the work stoppage.

The current labor agreement between the NFL and its officers runs until March 2020. Which probably means that the NFL will once again be a penny and will go berserk, undervaluing a function that becomes much more important as the NFL is prepared to earn millions more from legalization. of sports betting.

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