NFL Rumors: Was Texas QB Deshaun Watson angry due to Jets scouting in NJ on Thursday night?

Quarterback Deshaun Watson is unhappy with the Houston Texans, and if Watson demands a trade, could he be led by the Jets? And was Watson scouting places to live in New Jersey?

Watson posted a picture on Snapchat on Thursday. On the photo, a location sticker revealed that he was at Edgewater, which is about 50 minutes from the jet practice facility. Start speculating!

Watson is critical of the team’s process of appointing a new Texas coach. He reportedly wanted Texas to interview Chief Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemi, and Texas, who had not initially requested to speak with Byenemi, scrambled to add Bienemy to his list when Watson expressed his displeasure. .

On Friday, when Texas owner Cal McNair said Jack Easterby, vice president of football operations, would remain with the team, Watson tweeted that his level of frustration with the franchise was skyrocketing – and not limited to coaching searches. McNair admitted: “It is no secret that he is frustrated at the lack of communication () during General Manager Nick Cassario’s recruitment process.”

Watson’s tweet came after ESPN’s Adam Shekre stated that Watson’s anger level had risen by “a 10” – “2” after the Cardinals were last messaged by the team’s All-Pro receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

The Texans will not be able to talk to the Binemeys until the Chiefs are eliminated from the playoffs, or during the bye week before the Super Bowl.

The Jets made the second overall pick in the draft and hired 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh to become their new head coach. If Jett was curious about acquiring Watson, he has the ammunition to do so. Can they pick quarterback Sam Darnold and the second overall pick? Most Jets fans would like to see it.

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