NFL rumors: Are the Redskins really the pioneers in exchanging for QB Josh Rosen?

The NFL draft is less than 3 weeks away, and everyone is lying. It is speculated that the Cardinals, with new head coach Kliff Kingsbury, want to take Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray with the No. 1 overall. This becomes a problem for the team, as they only exchanged a third and fifth round selection to climb 5 places in the first round of last year's draft to take quarterback Josh Rosen.

We've heard all the rumors about what Arizona plans to do if this happens. They are reportedly looking for a first round of selection, unless they are not really planning to take Murray. The teams are not so interested, unless several teams have already offered second-round selections.

The Redskins lost two QBs for broken legs last year, and Alex Smith could never return to the field. Colt McCoy is still recovering, but should be ready for the offseason programs. Washington changed to Case Keenum, but none of these QBs is a long-term solution.

We've already covered the rumor that the Redskins were openly discussing Rosen's exchange in the Combine. They have also been linked to all the major QBs, and almost all the mid-level QBs in this year's draft. The consensus is that they will add a young QB this year, despite what Bruce Allen says. The Redskins have the # 15 overall, a second and two selections from the third round. The speculation takes at least a second this year, and a mid-round selection next year to acquire Rosen. But everything can change depending on how many teams are bidding (and if the Cardinals really want to move it).

These are some of the latest rumors of Josh Rosen.

The Cardinals are not a lock to choose Kyler Murray # 1:

"I'm starting to feel more and more feelings among people who know that I do not think it's Murray No. 1 in general," said Prisco.

Essentially, the Cardinals know they can not get a ton of value for Rosen and are not completely sure that Murray's landing will guarantee immediate success in the field. In fact, Priscus heard that it was primarily a property impulse that caused the Murray-to-the-Cards rumors to really show up in a heated manner. The belief is that Murray could be for the Cardinals what Baker Mayfield was for the Browns, an injection of life into a currently dying franchise, a guy who can increase ticket sales and enthuse people about next season.

According to Prisco, the comments received with the test balloon were not so good, which could cause the Cardinals to go in a different direction with their first selection.

The Cardinals are not buying Rosen, and he will report to the Arizona practice on Monday:

Despite being the subject of rampant commercial speculation, Arizona QB Josh Rosen is expected to report and participate in the start of the Cardinals' off-season training program on Monday. Some players who have been the object of commercial speculation have refused to inform the trainings.

– Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) April 5, 2019

In addition, the Cardinals have not yet engaged in active business discussions to date on Josh Rosen. Other teams have asked for him, but to date, the Cardinals have not shown willingness to trade him. Till the date….

– Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) April 5, 2019

The Cardinals have received two offers, but expect a first-round pick:

Todd McShay says the Redskins are the team most likely to trade for Rosen:

Quote here from @ McShay13 In his podcast: "If Kyler goes 1, then there's another QB in this clbad, Josh Rosen, now you have to figure out where he's going, I keep listening to Washington, they're the most likely teams, they seem to be the most interested in Josh Rosen. "

– Redskinstoday (@redskinstoday_) April 4, 2019

Benjamin Allbright also thinks that Rosen to Washington is very likely:

Washington / Rosen looks more and more like the couple, unless someone else increases their offer.


– Benjamin Allbright (@AllbrightNFL) April 4, 2019

I think a second and a future in the middle.

– Benjamin Allbright (@AllbrightNFL) April 4, 2019

The Cardinals could keep Rosen even if they recruit Murray:

Up to the minute live: The #AZCardinals Do not see next week as a deadline to exchange Josh Rosen (if they choose to do so) and they could keep 2 QB for a while if they end up recruiting Kyler Murray.

– Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) April 3, 2019

The Redskins are still in a Josh Rosen Commerce:

A team that has been somewhat forgotten in Josh Rosen's talk, should the @AZCardinals Kyler Murray, selected are the Washington Redskins, who perform a genuine due diligence on the best novice QB despite having acquired Case Keenum.

– Chris Mortensen (@mortreport) April 2, 2019

Josh Rosen would be an absolutely perfect fit for #Collines and Jay Gruden's offense.

– Andy Benoit (@Andy_Benoit) April 2, 2019

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