NFL reminds COVID-19 loss of 49ers with Fred Warner

The NFL’s inclusion of COVID-19 has always been a battle of mile markers and progress made between them. Just 10 days out of the season, the most important measurement point is coming since kicking camp started.

And the San Francisco 49ers reminded everyone.

Only a few days after the NFL’s reserve COVID-19 list came down to Jacksonville Jaguars offensively behaving Ryan Pope, the league saw a negative turn over the weekend, with five cases jumping back on the list by Monday morning. Four new names were entered on the list: Carolina Panthers defensive back Derek Thomas, New Orleans Saints Dwayne Washington, Atlanta Falcons defensive and Steven Means and 49ers linebacker Fred Warner. Pope was eventually removed from the reserve list on Monday afternoon, making COVID-19 Reserve IR among four new players.

None of the franchises are asking whether players have tested positive for COVID-19, meaning that some of the new names may only come in contact with an infected person. But at least two examples remind us of how cautious NFL teams should be from one week to the next.

The NFL will be looking at the 49ers who put Fred Warner (right) on the COV-19 reserve list. (Tony Avellor / San Francisco Chronicle via AP, Pool)

For the Panthers, Thomas is his first entry on the COVID-19 reserve list. And for the 49ers, Warner is a budding young star who made the NFL’s top 100 player list this season – and in whose absence it would be a tough blow to start the season. Not only was Warner expected to be one of the stars of the defense, a source with the team told Yahoo Sports on Monday that he had arguably the best training camp of any player on the roster.

49th coach Kyle Sheenahan told reporters about the loss, “It’s just a good reminder that no one is out of the woods.” When you go a few weeks with nothing, you start feeling very safe. And it reminds that this stuff is there. … Fred is more as a supporter that I’ve been around. While he is not here, I am sure he is drilling bags in his apartment or wherever he is staying. [and] Just getting mad that he can’t be here. Fred a stud. Whenever he can return, he will be ready to leave. “

It remains to be seen how long Warner will stay on the reserve list. If it is just a case of someone being in contact with the virus, Warner can sit until the results of his latest COVID test become available and, if he is negative, return. But if Warner has contracted the virus, it will have to be tested off the reserve list under guidelines that depend on whether it is symptomatic or asymptomatic. If he is showing symptoms of the virus, he must wait at least 10 days and shed his symptoms before the team doctor returns. If he is not showing symptoms, Warner can return to the team in five days if he passes two COVID tests in a 24-hour window.

However, it plays out, so late Presidential descent into Warner’s list is a warning on many fronts for players’ vulnerability to NFL teams and hoops to make a comeback. Most teams turned to significant cuts over the following week, with it expected to be the next window related to NFL teams. Partly because it is expected to include a crowd of roster-changing players for the first time, but also because it will give the league an idea of ​​how healthy the player base can be in the September trip and full contact games.

Make no mistake, the next 10 days are considered the most important COVID-19 measuring stick for the NFL, with the leading “mile marker” coming after the next 1 week. This latter measure would certainly be the most important of all seasons as it would give the league a snapshot that looked like the COVID position as every team played in a full-contact game with half the league traveling and on the road There is a place to live.

An AFC general manager told Yahoo Sports that his team has scheduled four important Tempole Moments after speaking with medical advisors: the first week after reporting; The first week after the start of padded practices; The season closed before the final week (new players were added after the cut); And then the week after the first regular-season game.

“After talking to medical advisors, the way we meet is when we are in the past [those four dates]”We will have a very good handle on how everything can be handled,” GM said. “After that, there aren’t really many surprises. All we know is that we’re working at that point, so it can just be disciplined to you and keep repeating your process every week.”

The question of discipline has been at the forefront of teams, which have long been pre-determined, and broadly appeared to be going according to the plan of every franchise on Monday. But as it appeared this weekend, it doesn’t take long to be reminded – both about how quickly things can change and how many measurements are still ahead.

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