NFL Playoff Predictions: In Our Pix Divisional Round

Some thought that Ram or the Cleveland Browns of Los Angeles would find it far away, and Buffalo Bills had far more success than expected. The Baltimore Ravens are back in contention, New-Orleans will face a pair of 40-something quarterbacks and everyone is (or should be) scared of the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs. The wheat has been separated from the cuffs, and the round of partitions will further narrow things.

Here’s a look at this weekend’s NFL playoff matchup. Unlike the regular season, the picks are not scored against the spread point.

Los angeles ram On green Bay Packers, 4:35 pm, Fox

Line: Packers-6.5 | Total: 45.5

Relations will be drawn between many Rams coach Sean McVay and Packers coach Matt LaFelur. LaFleur served as McVay’s offensive coordinator in 2017, and he was an offensive assistant on the Washington staff from 2010 to 2013 simultaneously. He is the key figure in an aggressive revolution, but if you are hoping for a high scoring official, you may want to try one more. sport.

Green Bay led the NFL in a season-by-turn-out season for Aaron Rodgers, which put him in contention for the Most Valuable Player Award. His success came from assists from Aaron Jones (1,459 yards from Scrimmage), Marquez Waldes-Scantling (20.9 yards per reception) and DeVante Adams (115 catches, 1,374 yards and 18 touchdowns).

But if there is a team designed to slow down the Packers, it is Ram.

Some defenses may match the relentless pass rush of Aaron Donald and Leonard Floyd, and while Rodger does not flow smoothly, the weakness he has shown in recent years has come at times when he is under constant pressure. Complicating matters is the absence of the star dealing with David Bakhtiyari, whose season ended in Week 16 with a torn anterior crucinate ligament.

Jones may be ineffective in front of a Ramswaroop who finished third in the NFL. Relying on Valdes-Scantling’s home run threat, Green Bay is risky for his propensity for dropped passes.

This shutdown leaves the most intriguing matchup between cornerback Jalen Ramsey and Adams, who could make a case as the NFL’s best, and lowest, current receiver.

When asked about Ramsey, Adams said, “You know me, I want to go against anybody and be as good as possible.”

On neutral ground, and with equal health, it can disturb a ramus. But Green Bay fought hard to gain home-ground advantage in the playoffs, and this hard work could be a saving grace for the team. It is expected to be around 30 degrees at the kickoff in Green Bay, Wis., And Rams quarterback Jared Goff has been sidelined in just a few weeks from surgery on the thumb of his throwing hand. He appeared to be struggling with his grip last week, and the cold, combined with a good-enough Packers defense, should give Green Bay all the needs. pick up the: Packer

Baltimore Ravens On Buffalo bill, 8:15 pm, NBC

Row: Bill-2.5 | Total: 50

The Ravens have not lost a game since December 2. There has been no defeat in the Bills since November 1. 15. Both have the ability to play anti-weather offense and defense. And both surpassed some psychological weight in the wild-card round – Buffalo got its first postseason win since the 1995 season; Lamar Jackson of the Revns won the playoff game for the first time.

There are innumerable reasons for both teams to pull – and there is a constant belief that either team is moving forward and signing up to lose to Kansas City in the next round – but it’s hard to believe that Buffalo, here Even at home, games can slow Baltimore’s juggling.

When the Raids hit the “reset button” after a Madison Lull, the team concentrated almost all of its attention on the running of quarterback Lamar Jackson and the backing of JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards. This led to Baltimore rushing for 230 or more yards in four of its final five games of the regular season, including 404 – the fifth-fastest run in NFL history – for the 17th win in a week at Cincinnati. It remained in the wild-card round, with the Ravens rushing for 236 yards.

Buffalo finished 17th in run defense this season, but teams were not forced to keep up with the Bills’ electric offense as the rankings worsened. This fact suggests that Buffalo was ranked among the NFL’s six worst runs per yard (4.6) and allowed rushing touchdowns (21).

Many players are capable of serious disruption in the Bills’ defense, but the majority of this comes in the secondary. On a wintry day in Orchard Park, NY, the Ravens could focus on running the ball, and the bill is hard to stop. Buffalo’s offense also cannot count against a solid Ravens defense, but Baltimore should control the clock and the game. pick up the: Crows

Cleveland brown On Kansas City Chief, At 3:05, CBS

Line: Chiefs-10 | Total: 56.5

For all intents and purposes, Cleveland advanced to the divisional round after just over 13 minutes of its wild-card game against Pittsburgh. With a playoff game rarely ending so quickly, the Browns’ defense handled their end of the deal with three quick turnovers and a 28-0 lead with 1 minute 56 seconds remaining in the first quarter, handling their offense. .

The Browns’ 48-37 victory should not be written as a flux – Cleveland has its best team as coach Bill Belichick roamed the sideline in the mid-1990s – but Patrick Mahomes, taking advantage of Ben Roethlisberger’s mistakes Is very different from forcing something into, so it would be foolish to expect a repeat of that fast start.

Kansas City may have the return of Clyde Edwards-Hellaire in Week 15 with a scary-looking hip injury. Even if they don’t, a combination of Levon Bell and Damian Williams provides enough balance to allow the Mahomes to be able for Cleveland with a deep pass to wide receiver Tyrick Hill under secondary and tight end Travis Kelsey Throws up.

Cleveland’s offense has occasionally shown a few bursts – last week’s effort was the franchise’s highest-scoring postseason game since the 1954 NFL Championship – and the Browns can thank them for chewing up the clock, running back Nick Chubb and Kareem is due to Hunt’s brilliant combination. But even Baker Mayfield’s most ardent believers must contend with the Mahomes in a head-to-head matchup. The Browns are not pushovers, but they probably can’t do much to stand in the way of Kansas City. pick up the: Chiefs

Tampa bay bookers On New Orleans Saints, 6:40 pm, Fox

Row: Saint-3 | Total: 52

The oldest starting quarterback left in the AFC playoffs is Baker Mayfield, who is not 26 years old until April. Three of the four starts in that conference were first-round picks in the 2018 draft. By the time any of the four had started a game in the NFL, Tom Brady had already won five Super Bowls and Drew Breeze was closing Dan Marino’s record for career passing yardage.

Young players have largely regained the quarterback position, using their mobility while contributing to a legwide scoring explosion. Yet Brady and Breeze are museum-quality examples of a forgotten age of pocket passers-by who are among the serious Super Bowl contenders in the second week of playoffs.

In true sense, this game should not be defined only by its famous quarterback. Breeze Saints had a lot of offense this season – Alvin Kamara led the NFL with 21 total touchdowns – but relied on defense just as much as Dennis Allen, the team’s defense coordinator, built into a powerhouse.

Tampa Bay has a talented young defenseman – support on that side of the ball undoubtedly played a role in Brady’s decision to sign there – and in recent weeks, the Buccaneers have really started to click on offense. The assets of the receiving team – wide receivers Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown; Tait and Rob Gronkowski – driven Brady to his best statistical season since at least 2017 and one of the best of his career.

Regular session meetings between these teams were laughable. Santa won both with a combined score of 72–26. And they are playing at home, which plays a part for them, even though that effect is mitigated by the low crowd that the team is allowed to host. The Buccaneers are a good enough team they should be respected – in many ways, it seems like a tossup – but the Saints may be the most competitive game on the weekend with favorites in the right. pick up the: Saints.

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