NFL odds, predictions for AFC, NFC Championships

Dave Tuley, VSiN's main reporter, joined the Post Guide for the 2018 season for the NFL. His pieces for the disabled appear in VSiN's online magazine, Point Spread Weekly.

Here are his predictions and badysis for the Sunday AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs, and the NFC Championship game between the Angels Rams and the New Orleans Saints.

Championship of the AFC line and prediction:

Patriots (+3) on HEADS: To be the champion, you have to beat the champion! I forgot that last week when I beat the Los Angeles Chargers over the Patriots (two defending AFC champions), and it was clear that Bill Belichick beat Anthony Lynn. The Chiefs are an even bigger challenge for The Hoodie, but I can not help but remember the previous meeting on October 14th. The Patriots had a halftime lead of 24-9, and as spectacular as Patrick Mahomes rallied the Chiefs. We still had the feeling that the Patriots would prevail, and they did, 43-40. Of course, this is in KC, but it will be played in the "New England climate", so the field advantage is minimal. And the Chiefs coach, Andy Reid, came to a single Super Bowl (which he lost to Belichick).

NFC championship line and prediction:

Carneros (+3) on saints: I have the Rams as the best team. With both teams in 13-4, the Rams outscored 12 of their 17 opponents, while the Saints outscored only 9 of 17 (and one was the slight advantage of 487-483 in their 45-35 victory over the Rams, as well that was really a result of coin-flip). I was also more impressed last week with the Rams' victory over the Dallas Cowboys, and I really thought the defense increased, while the Saints were life and death to beat the Eagles. Except in the local field, all signs point to the Rams, who obviously showed that they also enjoyed playing on the fast track in the Superdome the last time.

Last week: 0-2.

Season: 16-20-2.

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