NFL, NFLPA resolves all issues for 2020 CBA changes

Changes have been made in the 2020 season to a collective bargaining agreement on all issues remaining between the NFL and the NFL Players Association, and the deal follows a review by the union, NFL Network’s Tom Pelisserson reported on Monday evening.

Perhaps the biggest compromise is according to the parties to an opt-out deadline, which will be 4 pm ET on Thursday evening, as Pelecerso reported that players were informed of Monday night’s deadline. He was likewise told that the annual drug testing window would begin on Friday.

Pellicero reported that the deadline for players to be out of the season has been set for Thursday, a deal to finalize the NFL and NFLPA will also allow players to opt out later in specified situations due to family or medical conditions . Another resolution of note is that any player defined as high risk, including unused free agents and players who do not earn a credit season in 2019, qualifies for the same $ 350,000 stipend If they opt out of the 2020 season, Pelicero reported.

About 50 NFL players have decided to opt out of the upcoming season, thus far.

For the opening of the drug-testing window, there is also a slight increase. Traditionally, players are tested in the first two weeks of training camp, but this year a short period has been extended with an August 7–17 window, Pelissero reported. It is also notable under the new CBA policy on substance abuse, players can no longer be suspended for positive drug tests, but may face fines.

Pelisseroso said that amid accusations in the adjusted CBA, the league and the union agreed to extend the deadline for players living with high-risk individuals to season 1 for 1 week or after seven days. The team must provide accommodation, which counts as a player-benefit cost.

Following the agreement, the NFL Management Council sent an updated discipline schedule to NFL teams, including suspensions and penalties in the form of “high-risk COVID-19 conduct”, such as bars, clubs and house parties without personal protective equipment. Go or join more than 10 people in attendance.

Players will also be fined for refusing to submit a virus test ($ 50,000) and wearing masks, PPE or Tracking Davis, or failing to maintain social distances during team travel, a progressive fine of up to $ 14,650. Will happen.

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