NFL: Has Brown ruined Baker Mayfield?

Baker Mayfield is disappointed. she is wrong. And his confidence is shot.

In fact, he is the opposite of what was in Oklahoma.

We can blame the terrible coaches that they have (including Hugh Jackson), but the pattern is actually very hard to ignore — Cleveland simply ruins the quarterback. The Cleveland Browns have been a failure in their reboot form.

If you don’t believe me, take it from the most prominent Browns fan on Twitter, Chris McNeil0-16 The Man Behind the Perfect Season Parade. He joined us to talk about the “bum fight” between two struggling Ohio franchises.

“It’s not the same baker,” McNeill said, referring to Mayfield’s initial decline since his battered year. He said, “He faced the same problems last year. He was uprooting a lot of people last year. He was also wrong on short passes. And we are seeing more of it. ”

In fact, Mayfield has moved from a top overall pick, franchise QB, to a serviceable starter who needs everything to go around. And yet, he may not necessarily do it. On Sunday, Brown’s fiery attack looked spectacular. He ran for 138 yards in just 27 carries against the Baltimore Ravens.

And even then, they could only collect 6 points.

Back in July, Athletic Published a list of quarterbacks placed in tiers by 50 evaluators and coaches. He placed Baker in Tier 3, meaning he is “a quarterback (who) is a legitimate starter, but needs a heavy running game and / or defensive component to win. A low-volume dropback passing offense gives him the most. feels good. ”

Mayfield’s Week 1 performance confirmed that analysis.

Now, Mayfield will go into the same position in front of the one he was placed back in 2018: Joe Barrow, the # 1 overall pick in the draft. McNeill said he thinks the Bengals would similarly ruin the Burrow. But we know that this is just projection for now.

Despite a worse off-line game, Meyer has far more to offer than Meyer. He looks forward to blaming himself and using everything as a learning experience. He does not clapback to Twitter and even troll the master troll and win over Colin Cowherd.

Also, unlike Cleveland, Cincinnati is not a place where QBs go to die. Forget the greats like Ken Anderson or Boomer Asiason from the Paul Brown era. Even Andy Dalton, in a second round under Mike Brown, looked like a franchise QB with the Bengals. And Carson Palmer would have had a tremendous career if not for injuries.

Yes, the offensive line will move Burr a bit. But, as we saw in Week 1, the young QB will eventually make the necessary adjustments to get his team into position to win. Bremer is no Mayfield because Cleveland is not Cincinnati, as reported by Sam Sam Witch.

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