NFL draft draft 2019: some of you liked it, some of you do not like it

The NFL Draft of 2019 is a summary and the San Francisco 49ers are making their way through free agency not recruited. If the story indicates something, the 49ers must find one or two free agents not recruited to be included in the list, but for now, the focus is on what the 49ers eliminated after three days of writing.

Here are links to the nine selections, each of which includes a survey requesting a rating from A to F. The first selections were well received, but when the 49ers selected the second wide receiver in a row, some were already wrong with what the team was doing. It seems that there is a purpose for all these selections, but at this moment we are still looking for what that purpose is.

1. first round: No. 2 General Nick Bosa, defensive end, State of Ohio
2. Second round: (36 total) Deebo Samuel, wide receiver, South Carolina
3. Third round: (67 in general) Jalen Hurd, wide receiver, Baylor
4. Fourth round: (110 in total) Mitch Wishnowsky, Punter, Baylor
5. Fifth round: (No. 148) Dre Greenwood, linebacker, Arkansas
6. Sixth round: (No. 176) Kaden Smith, tight end, Stanford
7. Sixth round: (183 in general) Justin Skule, OT, Vanderbilt
8. Sixth round: (198 in general) Tim Harris, CB, Virginia

With the full clbad officially established, how do you rate the entire clbad of the 49ers? I have expanded the qualification a little so that people can consider a little more nuances in their thinking process. If you can not see the survey, click here.


How do you rate the 49ers 2019 draft clbad?

  • 3%

    A +

    (87 votes)

  • 6%


    (161 votes)

  • 10%


    (249 votes)

  • 18%

    B +

    (436 votes)

  • twenty-one%


    (512 votes)

  • fifteen%


    (363 votes)

  • 9%

    C +

    (233 votes)

  • 6%


    (157 votes)

  • 4%


    (98 votes)

  • one%

    D +

    (42 votes)

  • 0%


    (20 votes)

  • 0%


    (12 votes)

  • one%


    (32 votes)

Total 2402 votes

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