NFL Draft 2019: What qualifications did the Redskins score for this year's draft?

The NFL draft is over and the instareaction ratings are here. The Redskins were declared early winners of the first round by their selections from QB Dwayne Haskins and OLB Montez Sweat. On the second day of the draft, they granted Haskins the wish and got him one of his receivers from Ohio State. WR Terry McLaurin joins a body of exhausted Redskins receivers.

The Redskins entered Day 3 with 7 selections and used each of them to bring their draft total to 10 players by 2019. They were able to add one RB, two offensive linemen, one ILB, another WR, one CB and another OLB. There were valuable choices and head scrapers for some people. But the consensus is that the Redskins had a very good draft on paper, and the team improved.

Washington Redskins 2019 Project Selections

Round 1 (# 15): Dwayne Haskins, QB, State of Ohio

Round 1 (# 26): Montez Sweat, OLB, Mississippi State

Round 2 (# 46): Exchanged to Colts

Round 3 (# 76): Terry McLaurin, WR, State of Ohio

Round 3 (# 96): Changed to accounts

Round 4 (# 112): Bryce Love, RB, Stanford

Round 4 (# 131): Wes Martin, G, Indiana

Round 5 (# 153): Ross Pierschbacher, C, Alabama

Round 5 (# 173): Cole Holcomb, ILB, North Carolina

Round 6 (# 206): Kelvin Harmon, WR, N.C.

Round 7 (# 227): Jimmy Moreland, CB, James Madison

Round 7 (# 253): Jordan Brailford, OLB, State of Oklahoma

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Pro Football Focus

Grade: Excellent

Day 1:

While it was speculated that they would have to trade to get Dwayne Haskins from Ohio, Washington remained at number 15 and still got his boy. Haskins finalized the blueprint process that ranked 10th on the PFF draft board. Drawing striking similarities with Sam Bradford, Haskins was fantastic at short and intermediate levels in his only year as a college-level starter.

"Bringing him here at 15 is an absolute steal, one of the draft robberies, he looks very promising." – The main badyst of the Pro Football Focus draft, Mike Renner

The second selection of Washington in the first round, which they exchanged when sending the general selection No. 46 and a second round in 2020 to Indianapolis, was not considered so well by the members of the PFF. Former Mississippi state edge defender Montez Sweat, the 46th player on our board, is incredibly athletic, but he did not stay like a pbad rusher in the movie.

Day 2:

The production of Terry Mclaurin does not tell the whole story, as it was only a part of a body loaded with receivers from the state of Ohio. He organized a program with his speed and deep path in the Senior Bowl and finished as the 68th player in the PFF clbad, almost 30 places ahead of teammate Parris Campbell.

Day 3:

Washington picked up what could be a major draft steal against former NC State wide receiver Kelvin Harmon in the No. 206 team on Saturday. Harmon's production at NC State was off the charts, but there are legitimate concerns as to whether he can separate enough to win in the NFL. He was ranked 81 in the final big table of PFF.

New York Post

Grade: A +

A quarterback of the franchise (Haskins) and possibly the second best runner (Sweat), who fell due to a misdiagnosed heart, to replace Preston Smith after switching back to Round 1. McLaurin may be the profound threat that Josh Docston must be and A special equipment gunner. RB Bryce Love is a home run threat behind Derrius Guice once Guice recovers from the torn ACL.

Sports News (Iyer)

Grade A

Daniel Snyder and Bruce Allen managed to cool all the heat before them. They did not have to move to the Haskins franchise catwalk, and they got him two key goals in McLaurin, a former teammate of the Buckeyes in Haskins, and the underrated Harmon. The sweat was a steal with an exchange that became late in the first round. Love is a good stash behind Derrius Guice. This is the best general tour of Washington in years.

Contact socket cable (Farrar)

Grade A

There were rumors that Redskins owner Dan Snyder had taken over the draft and was not listening to his coaches and executives as he should. It would not be the first time it happened, but if it happened this time, everything is fine. Here there are no panic moves: Washington let the draft reach them and got two of the best players in this clbad. Getting Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins with the 15th overall pick could make many enemy teams regret having pbaded him for a long time, yes, Giants, we're talking about you, and the addition of Montez Sweat from the edge of the State of Mississippi The overall selection of 26 gives the team a truly dynamic presence against Ryan Kerrigan. And I have absolutely no idea how North Carolina State wide receiver Kelvin Harmon lasted until the sixth round, but the Redskins did too. For a team that has too often been impatient with a failure when the draft is presented, this was a different and highly successful change of pace.

Nation SB (Kadar)

Grade A-

Sometimes the draft is about being lucky. That was the case when quarterback Dwayne Haskins dropped to No. 15. To satisfy the need for the pbad rusher, Washington jumped into the first round to get another player in freefall with Montez Sweat. He can stand up and rush the edge.

Washington paired Haskins with his teammate at Ohio State, Terry McLaurin, a fast receiver who does all the little things. A couple of years ago, some thought that the Stanford runner, Bryce Love, would be a top-64 pick. Then a torn ACL killed his actions. If he's healthy, he gives Washington an elusive runner with a history of explosive plays. However, it is a big risk, considering that Derrius Guice has his own ACL problems.

Wide receiver Kelvin Harmons was a direct steal in the back of the sixth round. But this is a subject of these grades: Where was the cornerback?

E $ PN + (Kiper)

Grade A-

Alex Smith's leg injury last fall was extremely unfortunate. You've probably forgotten that the Redskins had a 6-4 record with a healthy Smith, then went 1-5 after they got hurt. They could easily have won the NFC East, and the whole theme of the offseason would have changed. This team has talent. Now, Washington has an onerous contract for Smith in his books, and it is not clear when, if anything, he will play again. That means that the quarterback was the priority for this team.

Once the Redskins opted to trade veteran Case Keenum as a provisional option, we knew that the first round was a possibility for owner Daniel Snyder and general manager Bruce Allen to aim for a quarterback. So it's funny that all the talk was about swapping … and Dwayne Haskins fell on his laps at number 15. As I wrote on Thursday night, I love the setting here. Haskins has a chip on his shoulder, and he's a player. He never wilted under the pressure of the Buckeyes, and was at his best in the biggest games. I'm excited to see what coach Jay Gruden and new offensive coordinator Kevin O & # 39; Connell can do with him.

The Redskins then traded back to Round 1, handing out the No. 46 pick and a second-round pick in next year's draft to move to No. 26 for pbad rusher Montez Sweat, who ranked No. 12 in general on my board. Yes, that's a lot to give up, but I really like Sweat, who could have been one of the top 10 if it were not for a heart condition that caused him to fall. I spoke with people from the teams that had completely eliminated him from their recruitment tables, and spoke with other team representatives who had him in the top 10.

After that, Washington focused on depth, and there were some names that appeared for me. Terry McLaurin (No. 76) is a speed demon that I thought could go early in the second round. And he already has experience with his Buckeyes partner, Haskins. You'll probably know about Heisman's runner-up in the 2018 season of Bryce Love, but he had a fall in 2018 due to injuries and broke his ACL in December. This could be a year of red shirt. Still, getting it at number 112 is decent. Guard Ross Pierschbacher (No. 153) and linebacker Cole Holcomb are solid fifth-round players who will make up the team. Jimmy Moreland (No. 227) has some physical tools to work with, although he will need time to adjust to the speed of the NFL.

After a turbulent end of the season, this team returns to the track. Haskins and Sweat, two of the top 12 prospects on my board, take this clbad to the top.

Washington Post

Grade A-

There is a lot to like here. It's all so little like the Redskins. They resisted the temptation to go up or change for Josh Rosen, they stayed at number 15 and got the quarterback they wanted in Dwayne Haskins. There are questions about your mobility, but it is a gifted pocket pbader and it would not be surprising if you were the holder of Week 1. The Montez Sweat racer will become a steal at number 26 if your health-related concerns are derived from a wrong diagnosis. Getting the fast WR Terry McLaurin in the third round to help, and using a fourth round option in the RB Bryce Love is intriguing.

USA Today (Davis)

Grade A-

Pre-draft reports from the nation's capital forecast a night shock project. But the & # 39; Skins & # 39; Not only did they avoid the rumored disaster, they showed an atypical patience and potentially took away two first-round blue chippers in quarterback Dwayne Haskins and OLB Montez Sweat. Perhaps the only person who did not appreciate this draft was the second round, the injured RB Derrius Guice. But who can blame Washington for its new Bryce Love insurance policy? Even the last-minute selections such as the fifth round of C Ross Pierschbacher and the sixth round of WR Kelvin Harmon could contribute early and often.

Grade: B +

The fact that they did not have to move up to get Haskins was a big advantage. His arm is alive and has the ability to distribute football to all parts of the field. Given the dark future of Alex Smith, finding Haskins waiting for them at number 15 could be a franchise change. Finally, Washington negotiated to grab Sweat, who will be a good pbad rusher if his heart condition does not prevent him from reaching his potential. They really needed depth in the outside linebacker, where Sweat fits quite well. In general, I'm not in love with giving up future second-round picks, but this man's talent is worth taking that kind of opportunity.

Haskins' arm and McLaurin's speed will come together to make big plays in Washington as they did in Columbus. If Love's outbreak can return next year, Washington found a big contributor in the running game. Martin and Pierschbacher meet an important need in the offensive line inside for the Redskins. Brailford is a pbad rusher who was a value near the end of the draft.

MMQB (Benoit)

Grade B

That sound you hear is Jay Gruden's seat sizzling. Washington was offended by five of its first six picks, including QB Dwayne Haskins with Pick 1 (15th overall). Gruden is an offensive magician, and if that magic does not do immediate magic, owner Dan Snyder (whom some believe was behind Haskins' election) could hastily declare that the time is right to bring in a new coaching staff. You can bet that the possibility that this scenario has already developed in the back of Gruden's mind. He knows that pressure to play Haskins will begin with Case Keenum's first interception, that is, Keenum's first foul. Gruden also knows that Haskins is a project, which needs refinement in his pocket and precision precision. It's a difficult place for a coach, but that's life in the NFL.

Giving Haskins a family goal like Terry McLaurin was wise. The addition of running back Bryce Love in Round 4 really makes him wonder about the health of last year's second-rounder, Derrius Guice, whose rehabilitation of the ACL ripped up last August would have been delayed by an infection. Maybe the Redskins, who have now recruited a runner for nine straight years, saw Love simply as a great value, considering they took it before the team addressed their immediate need, the left guard. That was done by choosing Wes Martin, who will compete with former Giants left tackle Ereck Flowers. The most agile zone blocker will get the job.

As for the only option that was not offensive, Washington returned to Round 1 to snatch the pbad to the dynamo Montez Sweat, who fell due to a heart condition. The hope is that Sweat will correct the defense deficit outside the right edge, where second-ranked Ryan Anderson has not developed and where veterans Preston Smith and Trent Murphy have been lost in free agency in the past two years.

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