NFL Draft 2019: Mel Kiper, Jr. and Todd McShay only agree on a selection of Redskins

Mel Kiper, Jr and Todd McShay have teamed up to do their annual dummy simulation project for E $ PN IN $ IDER. Each presents their selections for the first 64 picks in the NFL 2019 draft. They reached a consensus on the selection of the Redskins second round, but they have two very different ideas about what Washington will do in the first round.

The Redskins have many needs ahead of this year's draft, and a QB of the future is pretty high there. Alex Smith's broken leg will probably keep him on the shelf this year and possibly forever. Colt McCoy (who is also recovering from a broken leg) and the newly acquired Case Keenum are the only other QBs on the list and both are entering the final year of their transactions. The Redskins have no one for the future.

This is an important reason why Mel Kiper, Jr. gives Duke QB Redskins Daniel Jones in the first round of his draft. The 3 main QBs projected in this year's draft are off the board in this scenario, so the Redskins will reach Jones with the 15th overall selection to make sure they get a QB this year. Jones dropped to number 56 in the McShay draft, and the Redskins went through it twice (he mentions the change of Josh Rosen as a possible solution for QB).

Kiper: Daniel Jones, QB, Duke

Surprised? Do not be. The Redskins need to find a quarterback of the future, and there are several teams that like Jones. In Washington, he would be given time to adjust to the NFL while Case Keenum starts in 2019.

McShay faced another great need for the Redskins in the first round when taking an OLB pbad. Washington lost Preston Smith in free agency this year, and will start with Ryan Anderson along with Ryan Kerrigan, unless they become this year's draft. McShay offers to the OLB of the state of Florida Brian Burns, a popular option for the Redskins recently (Kiper chose Burns in his last simulation)

McShay: Brian Burns, OLB, State of Florida

Washington could change for Josh Rosen, which would remedy the field marshal's concerns. Burns is a unique talent with advantages, and although he played as the defensive end of the Seminoles, he was able to make a move towards the rusher.

The main ESPN drills agreed that the Redskins should address the position of early wide receiver. Washington lost Jamison Crowder in free agency this year, and the talent needs an update. This could be the draft to do it, with a lot of talent along. Kiper and McShay gave the Ohio State WR Parris Campbell Redskins in the # 46 selection.

Kiper: Parris Campbell, WR, State of Ohio

After letting Jamison Crowder enter free agency, the Redskins did not fill their free agency position. Campbell, who ran a 40-second race of 4.31 seconds in the combine, was able to play inside or outside.

McShay: Parris Campbell, WR, State of Ohio

We agree here. Real burner, Campbell could finally be the receiving talent that Washington has been looking for a long time.


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