NFL Conference Championship Game: Dates, Timings, Previews, Bookers vs. Packers, Bills vs. Beginners to Chiefs

Ladies and gentlemen, the NFL playoffs are down to just four teams. The divisional round is officially in the books after this weekend’s action, and we’ve already won our conference championship on schedule. You know what that means, right? It’s time to wait for the final matchup before Super Bowl LV!

Below, you’ll find instant previews of both conference championships, including information on how to tune in and the starting point for each competition:

NFC Championship

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date: Sunday, January 24 | Time: 3:05 pm ET | TV: Fox
Starting line: Packers-4
last meeting: Week 6 (Buccaneers 38, Packers 10)

Overview: Who says old people can’t play quarterback? Okay, so neither Drew Trees nor Tom Brady looked great in the divisional round, but there are plenty of reasons to tune in to the show’s QB, between Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Brady was not too much just to stumble himself. With the defense of Tampa Bay the Saints were fascinated at the pass. Rodger, meanwhile, remains perhaps the hottest hand in football after sending Ram. Green Bay has been the more complete team throughout the year, but came up against some of its major slip-ups in 2020… the Buccaneers, who have now won six straight dating as of mid-December.

Initial Approach: Tampa Bay may have trended them early in the season, and the Bucs can go toe-to-toe with anyone when they are actually throwing downfield. But the Packers deserve to be favorites. They are at home with an extra day of rest, and more importantly, Rodgers is playing with the Authority. Green Bay is also more consistent as a whole. Still, get your popcorn ready. It will be fun.

AFC Championship

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date: Sunday, January 24 | Time: 6:40 pm ET | TV: CBS, CBS All Access
Starting line: Head-3
last meeting: Week 6, 2020 (major 26, bill 17)

Overview: For the third time in three years, Kansas City are back in the AFC title game, proving Andy Reid toppled the staff. The real question, though, is whether or not the Browns cost the majors anything more: their superstar QB Patrick Mahomes’ status is up in the air after finishing 15th against Cleveland, and while the majors win without a win This is a different kind of platform than before their top dog. Buffalo, on the other hand, has so far played aggressively in the playoffs, but has certainly demonstrated its defense against the Ravens, one of the best strikes in the game and near the Red Zone Is particularly large. Whether or not it is good to go to Mahomes would be like watching TV.

Initial Approach: It all depends on Mahomes, right? If he clears to play, the chiefs will obviously remain favorites. But even if he were perfectly healthy, it would be no shame for Casey the Bills as the center breaks out at some points with Allen under center, and their “D” does not leave. Huh. If ever there was a time to unite the chiefs, it seems that it may now be.

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