NFL Championship Game: What You Need to Know

Whether your team is playing on Sunday, both games have historical value, and there will be exciting match-ups to watch.

NFC Championship: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Green Bay Packers

When: 3:05 pm on FOX

Who to see:

Clear players will be experienced quarterbacks and good reasons to watch in this game.

Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay has a 2020 regular season completion rate of over 70% and ranks first in the league in touchdowns with 48 this season. Rodgers has reached 10 seasons of playoffs and appeared in 19 playoff games, including winning a Super Bowl.

Tampa Bay’s Tom Brady is regarded as the goatee of NFL quarterbacks, with 43 playoff appearances in 18-year-old Plasen play, including six Super Bowl wins, six times. This is his first season with the Bucs, so his leadership is definitely in the headlines.

Who has the most to prove:

Both teams have something that will light the fire under them.

For the Bucs, if they win, it will only be the second time the team has reached the Super Bowl. For the first time with Brady on the helmet, there is much to his success.

As far as Green Bay is concerned, it is the quarterback face-off that really stands to bring some heat. Can Rodger Outplay Brady?

AFC Championship: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills

When: 6:40 pm ET on CBS

Where to: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri

Who to see:

The Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes has approved the concussion protocol after being hit against the Brows last week and will be ready for the game.
Travis Kelce, a heavily used tight end of the majors, is always a go-to for the Mahomes. Kells is a 6-foot-5 260-pound offensive weapon for Kansas City with 11 touchdowns and more than 1,400 yards on the season, and is a must see in this match.
Wide receiver Tyrik Hill, who has been a main asset for all seasons, will also be a key player to watch. Hill currently ranks second in the league for touchdowns with 15, and his season total is in the top 10 for 1,276 yards. However, Hill has not scored a touchdown in the postseason, so he is looking to get his first 6.
Bills’ quarterback Josh Allen has had a tough fight as an underdog all season, but he is overtaking 350 passing yards in the game. Allen has a 69.2% completion rate and already has three post-season touchdowns.
Allen will be looking for wide receiver Stephen Diggs for more than 100 yards and a touchdown in his third straight game. He ranks first in the league for both total yards and total receptions.

Who has the most to prove:

The Bills are definitely rising in the game against the defending Super Bowl champions. The majors have been dominated all season, but the Bills are looking to punch their ticket to the big game for the first time since 1994. Bill Mafia, as his fans are called, is renewed to cheer.


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