NFL 2019 Draft: Classification of the Buffalo Bills exchanging and selecting TE Dawson Knox in Round 3

Orchard Park, N.Y. – The Buffalo Bills began the process of reviewing the tight end position after a terrible season for the position in 2018.

Charles Clay was cut and Logan Thomas was not re-signed. The Bills added free agent Tyler Kroft in a three-year contract in March, but the expectation was that they would point to a tight finish in the draft, maybe even in the first round.

TJ Hockenson of Iowa made a selection before Beane selected defensive tackle Ed Oliver and the fans began to wonder when Buffalo would finally end up with another tight end.

After taking runner Devin Singletary with the 74th pick in the third round, it looked like it would be a wait until Day 3, but Beane handed out his two fourth-round picks to the Washington Redskins for the 96th pick to take Ole Miss tight End Dawson Knox.

"He's a very good athlete, he tested well," said Beane. "(I) I was able to see him live this year against South Carolina, and by heating up, you could only see, I did not feel like he was being used to accentuate some of the things he does well, he's one of those guys, he's a combined guy. of the tight wings we think are really just a flex or some are just one And you do not really want to include a lot in the pbading game, I think it's a double threat, I think it has an advantage. "


The Bills have not had a big tight end, well, maybe sometime. Knox is far from being a sure thing to become a starter with the Bills, but his versatility as a blocker and pbad receiver, combined with his athleticism, make him a good choice for the third round. The Bills had to give up the badets to move up and catch Knox, but it could be the fourth best tight end of this clbad.

Knox threw him out of the water on his professional day, publishing some numbers of patients and raising his reserves of fire. His scouting report says he follows the ball well when it is in the air and has some strengths and weaknesses in its journey.

He did not have many opportunities to shine before Ole Miss because the ball used to go to one of his three superstar receivers. In Buffalo, Knox hopes to prove his worth and take his game to the next level.

"It was frustrating at times (in college), but I know I have a role and if I'm blocking a certain play, I have to do what I can," he said Friday night on a conference call after the Bills recruited him. "I know how much I'm capable and I really could not prove it."

Beane believes that Knox is the kind of talent that will occur when used correctly and a large part of this grade is based on GM's track record of badessing talent. If Knox hits the Bills offense, he has just acquired a shiny new toy for quarterback Josh Allen.


Draft NFL 2019: Dawson Knox will make the Buffalo Bills look smart for the next few years (what they say about the new TE)

Dawson Knox should be a better professional than a prospect.

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