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NFL 2018 Qualifiers: The NFL obtains the Armed Forces Network activated despite the closure of the government

The closure of the government will have great ramifications in the country, but there was undoubtedly a major setback that threw into the plans of many armed forces to watch soccer this Sunday, with the government announcing that the Armed Forces Network is not It would be active for the championship on Sunday in the NFL, which means there will be no NFL playoffs for troops overseas.

Good news: CBS Sports always covered them, with the transmission of the AFC Jaguars-Patriots Championship Game available here. Better news: those who do not have high-speed internet can now watch the game, like the Vikings-Eagles, when the NFL announced on Sunday morning that it came to some kind of agreement to keep AFN in both games.

Follow The crumbs of this and it is not hard to discover why the NFL would be willing to push for this. Throughout the 2017 season, the NFL has been attacked by the President of the United States for not taking a stand against players who kneel during the national anthem.

There are many admirers who see kneeling as disrespectful towards the troops and, in turn, focus their vitriol that comes from kneeling towards the NFL itself. The last thing the NFL wants is that the holders of "THE TROOPS CAN NOT SEE THE FOOTBALL" eclipse the potential of being two great games on Sunday. (If those headlines are written, they probably will not be so generous with the NFL in various corners of the Internet, even if closing the network has nothing to do with the NFL.)

Take away football from people fighting abroad the country? It is not a great idea. The sponsors lined up to help.

Go to Sarah Sanders Twitter feed (@PressSec) and she is also promoting the exciting news. We give credit to the government for making this happen.

But we mainly credit the NFL for doing whatever it takes to make sure that the troops can watch football, regardless of the motivation to do so. However, this agreement was reduced, it is quite clear that the NFL entered into action with some kind of influence or intervened with some financial contribution and made this happen. Good job, NFL!

The NFL also opened GamePass, which is a great product first, to make sure there is an alternative for the troops provided by the league itself.

Now the troops have two options. They can look in the AFN or they can watch / transmit online. If you are on the last route, again, I recommend that you broadcast the AFC Championship Game between the Jaguars and the Patriots on CBSSports.com. But I am so I.

However, look, the good news is that the troops take away their football. Now the government can return to worrying about other things, such as why it is completely turned off.

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