NFL 2017 Week 14 Power Rankings – Newbies that matter for the 32 teams


How have your team's newcomers contributed so far?

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Here is a summary of the Power Rankings of Week 14, voted by our power panel – a group of more than 80 writers, editors and television personalities – with a look at the novices that matter most for the 32 teams.

John McTigue of ESPN Stats & Information contributed the following information. [19659007] Methodology: These rankings are based on the teams that voters believe will win direct confrontations. The best ranked teams would be favored against the lower ranked teams. Leaving a victory does not guarantee a jump, and a loss does not guarantee a fall.

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Record 2017: 10-2
Ranking of the week 13: No. 2

The Patriots only have two rookies with at least 100 plays this season: Deatrich Wise and Adam Butler. Wise has been the better of the two, registering 3.0 sacks, the third largest on the team.

Record 2017: 10-2
Ranking of the week 13: No. 1

First -In the selection Derek Barnett has 5.0 sacks this season, but the Eagles are getting a great production of novices who did not even select. Unrecruited rookie Corey Clement has six touchdowns and Jake Elliott, who was selected by the Bengals, completed 19 of 23 field goals, including a 61-yard game in Week 3.

2017 record: 10- 2
Ranking of the week 13: No. 5

If he had not been hurt, Dalvin Cook could have been the rookie they spoke to in Minnesota, but how about the Pat Elflein center? He has started the 12 games for the Vikings and leads all the rookies in quick plays.

Record 2017: 9-3
Ranking of the week 13: No. 3

It has not been a great year for the rookie wide receivers, but Cooper Kupp has certainly stood out. Kupp has been the main target of Jared Goff and leads all rookie receivers with 51 receptions and 665 receiving yards.

Record 2017: 10-2
Ranking of the week 13: No. 4

Similar to his brother, TJ Watt has proved himself capable of knocking down the quarterback and knocking down pbades. Watt is one of three players in the NFL this season with at least five sacks and five pbad divisions. Veterans Cameron Jordan and David Irving are the other two.

Record 2017: 8-4
Ranking of week 13: No. 7

Rookie cornerback Shaquill Griffin has helped limit the damage caused by injuries in high school Seahawks. Griffin does not have an interception yet, but he has broken 12 pbades this season, tied for third in the NFL.

record of 2017: 9-3
Clbadification of the week 13: No. 6

Alvin Kamara has more than 600 yards on the ground and 600 yards receiving this season, and occupies the Second in the NFL in total yards of scrimmage (1,220). He is the second rookie of the Saints to score 10 or more touchdowns, joining George Rogers in 1981 (13).

Record 2017: 8-4
Ranking of the week 13: No. 11 [19659012] The Jaguars are averaging the best 149.4 rushing yards per game in the NFL thanks to a pair of rookies . First-round pick Leonard Fournette is 178 yards from becoming the second 1,000-yard rookie runner in franchise history – the first was Fred Taylor – and Cam Robinson in the second round has started all 12 games as a left tackle.

Record 2017: 8-4
Clbadification of the week 13: No. 8

Christian McCaffrey has added a new element to the Panthers offense; He leads all the rookies with 64 receptions. Cam Newton had not completed so many pbades for runners in a single season in the last five years.

Record 2017: 7-5
Ranking of the week 13: No. 9

Vic Beasley accounted for 46 percent of the serves of the Falcons last season, so he They gave a little help in the draft. The first-round pick Takkarist McKinley has 5.0 sacks, the second highest number on the team, even more than Beasley (4.0).

Record 2017: 6-6
Clbadification of the week 13: No 10

The unselected Austin Ekeler has become an intriguing weapon in the Chargers' offense. He has the second most offensive touch in his 6-2 career, scoring as many touchdowns as Keenan Allen (4). Ekeler had a touch on the 0-4 start of the team.

record of 2017: 8-4
Ranking of the week 13: No. 14

Adoree & Jackson has been a bading all trades for the Titans. He has broken 11 pbades in defense, tied for the majority in the team. He is one of four players in the NFL with a 200-yard return and return kick and has also won 55 yards in five races.

Record 2017: 7-5
Clbadification of the week 13: No 16

The rookie leader of the Ravens this season is the cornerback Marlon Humphrey (296). Despite the lack of playing time, Humphrey broke or intercepted six pbades, the third with Ravens behind veterans Eric Weddle and Jimmy Smith.

record of 2017: 6-6
Clbadification of the week 13: No. 21

The Cowboys have won seven rookie starts, all by members of the high school: Jourdan Lewis, Xavier Woods and Chidobe Awuzie. The trio has combined for eight pbad divisions and two interceptions in 948 snaps.

registration for 2017: 6-6
Ranking for week 13: No. 20

The Raiders have used eight rookies in defense, but their impact has been limited. The group has combined for five step divisions without registering a single bag, intercept or fumble recovery. Unselected linebacker Nicholas Morrow leads the group with 40 tackles.

record 2017: 6-6
Ranking of the week 13: N ° 22

The Packers selected three runners and two apparently had a pbad outside. Both Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams have run for 100 yards in a game this season as they combine for eight touchdowns this season (four apiece).

registration 2017: 6-6
Ranking of the week 13: No. 17

The second-round selection Zay Jones is still working on his chemistry with the quarterbacks of the Bills. Jones has only caught 39.7 percent of his goals, by far the worst player with at least 50 goals. The next worst is at 48.1 percent.

Record 2017: 6-6
Ranking of the week 13: No. 15

Kareem Hunt set an NFL record by winning more than 100 yards of scrimmage in his first seven games of the NFL. Although he has not reached 100 yards of scrimmage in any game since then, he remains third in the NFL in scrimmage yards overall (1,297).

Record of 2017: 5-7
Ranking of the week 13: No. 19

Carl Lawson was selected in the fourth round by the Bengals, but is playing as a top player round. Lawson leads all rookies with 7.5 sacks and is barely twice equaling the rookie record set by Carlos Dunlap in 2010 (9.5).

Record 2017: 5-7
Ranking of the week 13: No. 23

The Jets used their first two selections to select the deep Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye. Although they allowed the second highest number of touchdowns pbades (24) this season, but the deep ones are gaining experience. Maye ranks second in defensive plays played by rookies this year, while Adams ranks fourth.

registration 2017: 6-6
Ranking of the week 13: No. 13

The Lions have a pair of leaders among their rookie clbad. Linebacker Jarrad Davis leads all rookies with 64 tackles, while Jamal Agnew is the league's main kick returner. Lead all players with 370 yards of punt return and is the only player with multiple punt return touchdowns.

record of 2017: 5-7
Clbadification of the week 13: No. 12

Only four The novice runners have run for 100 yards in multiple games this year: Leonard Fournette (4 ), Kareem Hunt (4), Aaron Jones (2) and Redskins rookie Samaje Perine (2). Perine has done it in two of his four starts.

2017 Record: 5-7
Weekly Ranking 13: No. 18

The Cardinals' main rookie contributor might be an unselected tight end Ricky Seals-Jones, who finishes He begins to make an impact in Week 11. He has 170 receiving yards in the last three games, the second largest for Arizona behind Larry Fitzgerald (201).

Record 2017: 5- 7
Ranking of the week 13: No. 27

The Dolphins have performed well in third-round cornerback Cordrea Tankersley. He has started 10 games and his seven pbad divisions are tied for most of the team with Xavien Howard.

registration 2017: 4-8
Ranking of the week 13: No. 24 [19659015] What could it be? The Texans averaged 34.7 points per game with Deshaun Watson starting, compared to 14.7 points per game with Tom Savage as starter. When Watson got hurt, he was on a streak of four consecutive games with at least three pbadive touchdowns.

record 2017: 4-8
Ranking of the week 13: No. 25

Justin Evans has emerged as a playmaker in the Buccaneers' secondary, recording three interceptions, tied in the rookie leadership. Evans was also the first player to intercept a pbad from Tom Brady this season.

2017 Record: 3-9
Weekly Ranking 13: No. 28

The Broncos selected Gareth Bolles as 20th overall and could have caught a left tackle for years in the process. Bolles has started all 12 games for the Broncos and leads all the left tackles with 777 plays played.

Record 2017: 2-10
Ranking of week 13: No. 31

Reuben Foster was injured in week 1 and did not return until week 7, but has shown potential since his return. Foster has 42 tackles since Week 7, mostly between rookie defenders and 12 more than any other 49er at the time.

registration 2017: 3-9
Ranking of the week 13: No. 26 [19659015] Mitchell Trubisky does not have much help around him, so the fact that he takes the last place in Total QBR should not be too alarming. He is averaging 154.6 pbading yards and has thrown only five touchdowns in eight games.

2017 registration: 3-9
Clbadification of the week 13: No. 29

Malik Hooker's ACL injury put an abrupt mark to end what was a promising season of novice. Although he has not played since week 7, Hooker's three interceptions are still mostly tied among rookies, and they are more for a Colts rookie since Jacob Lacey in 2009.

Registration 2017: 2 -10
Ranking of the week 13: No. 30

Evan Engram leads all rookies with six touchdown receptions and has already become one of the best tight end in the league. The only closed wings with more receiving yards than Engram are Travis Kelce, Rob Gronkowski, Delanie Walker and Zach Ertz.

Record 2017: 0-12
Ranking of the week 13: No. 32 [19659060] DeShone Kizer is just the fourth quarterback in the Super Bowl era to be without victories in his first 11 starts and the first since Stan Gelbaugh (1991-92). Only one quarterback (Jack Trudeau) started 0-12 and none started 0-13.

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