NFC postseason photo: Shakeup Sunday – ProFootballTalk –

NFC postseason photo: Shakeup Sunday – ProFootballTalk


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The image of the NFC postseason remained unchanged for a couple of weeks, but we knew things would look different once Week 13 was in the books.

Six of the seven best teams in the conference participated in games against each other, including the Eagles-Seahawks game in Seattle that put Sunday's action to bed. The Seahawks won, which ended the Eagles' nine-game winning streak, pushed the Seahawks to the playoff position and led the Vikings to first place in the conference.

Things will be shaken again in week 14. Thursday's Falcons – The Saints game is the first of three teams participating in the first seven of a fast-changing NFC tie-breaker.

1. Vikings (10-2) : The Vikings have a tiebreaker of victory over the Eagles and can press their advantage with a victory in Carolina next Sunday.

2. Eagles (10-2) : They will stay in California to prepare for a game against the Rams who need to win to stay in position for a good bye in the first round.

3. Rams (9-3) : They have secured their first winning season since 2003 and now the Rams will face the Eagles and the Seahawks in the next two weeks as they try to nail the NFC West .

4. Saints (9-3) : Sweeping the Panthers gives them a firm grasp of the NFC South.

5. Seahawks (8-4) : The Seahawks are the only team in the NFC's top seven to face a team out of the top seven in Week 14, but a trip to Jacksonville may not offer any respite before their 15-week confrontation with the Rams.

6. Panthers (8-4) : Winning the division became much more difficult on Sunday, but a victory against the Vikings at home next Sunday would keep them on the right track for the playoffs.

7. Hawks (7-5) : They fell out of a Wild Card spot with Sunday's defeat and finding a way to win in New Orleans on Thursday may be essential to get back up.

8. Lions (6-6) : Lions continue to have tendencies in the wrong direction.

9. Packers (6-6) : Aaron Rodgers practiced Saturday, but he can not play until at least week 15, so Brett Hundley will be entangled with the Browns in week 14.

10. Cowboys (6-6) : They are still breathing after last Thursday's victory and they take the collapsed Giants away on Sunday.

11. Washington (5-7) : A spot in the playoffs is not in the cards, but they can play spoilers for the Chargers in week 14.

12. Cardinals (5-7) : They're looking for the second year in a row out of the Arizona playoffs.

13. Buccaneers (4-8) : A season that opened with hopes of a tie-break will end in Week 17.

14. Bears (3-9) : They did a favor to the Giants' recruitment council by falling to the 49ers on Sunday.

15. 49ers (2-10) : Jimmy Garoppolo's first start was a victory and the 49ers are out of the basement.

16. Giants (2-10) : Are the Giants worse off the field or out of it?

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