Nexus 6 Mods to Make Your Smartphone Look Shocking


Google has until now presented us a lot of interesting, if not amazing smartphones. We’ve seen their Pixel line with the latest Google Pixel 2 XL, and also the Nexus smartphones. If you’ve been up to date with the latest Google devices, then you might ask yourself what is the next Nexus smartphone going to look like?

One of the most interesting subject until now on the Nexus line has been the one focusing on Nexus 6, which even though it got out three years ago, it’s still alive and kicking. Although it comes at about $260 in unlocked versions on different web stores, and it’s actually more of a phablet than a smartphone, it has gathered a lot of fans over the years.

It comes with a Snapdragon 805 chip and 3 GB RAM. The screen has a 5.96 inch size and it’s an AMOLED with 1440×2560 pixels resolution. It can capture 4K videos with the 13 MP rear camera. As for its front, it has dual speakers. It is also water resistant and can be charged in wireless mode.

Now, we get that it’s a lot less amazing as what we’ve seen this year, with the releases from Samsung, Apple and the Pixel smartphones from Google, but for those that still own this smartphone, there have been great news, starting with the updating of the OS, from the out of the box Android 5.0 to the 7.1.1 Android Nougat, which is an improvement.

Nexus 6 Mod – Great Back Case and Edges

But among the Nexus 6 users, one fan turned his rather aged back cover into a shiny new looking one with a few steps. Here is what he did:

He deanodized the midplate and it made it look a bit shinier. He also replaced the back with a soft black material and the frame got a metallic new look. For these processes, he had to remove the back of the phone with a paperclip, removed the ribbon cable with care and unscrewed the back cover so that he could easily tale off the battery, speakers and other small components. With the back cover all bare, he deanodized it with Greased Lightning – it took almost half an hour to do its job. From various websites, you can find a back that has a matte and smooth texture. And if you ruin the battery housing, you can find replacements for it as well!

That is a nice DIY for a much better looking phablet, making Nexus 6 fans enjoy their new improved version of smartphone!

About the Author / Elena Anderson

Elena Anderson

Elena’s love for all things tech started since her first Macintosh, since then she become a technology enthusiast and crazy about all tech related leaks. When not writing, she spends time jiggling between being an army wife and mommy. For any tech tips, you can reach me out on [email protected]

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