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Sidney cafe ridiculed about $ 18 sandwich

When you order a sandwich, you have a pretty clear idea of ​​what to expect: two pieces of bread with some filling between them.

This is probably what a customer thought they would get when they asked for a ham sandwich. A Sydney cafe, but what was on the table was completely different.

The user of Reddit MiloXF uploaded a photo of the "sandwich" ordered by his cousin, showing a completely deconstructed meal served in two cardboard boxes.

Instead of being presented to a regular sandwich, the customer was presented with all the ingredients and was expected to put it together themselves.

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On the one hand, there were two slices of bread and a bit of butter, while on the other there was ham and several items of bread. salad.

The meal was completed with a bowl of mustard and a pickle.

Not only did they have to put together the sandwich, the deconstructed food costs $ 17 (NZ $ 18).

It is unclear from which cafeteria the sandwich was ordered, but Reddit users quickly expressed their disbelief with the food.

"If I wanted to make a sandwich myself I would have stayed at home and I did it," said one user.

Another asked: "Did you order it at Ikea?"

"This is the worst sandwich I've seen, I do not understand the attractiveness of deconstructing food at all," wrote one person.

Other users were more concerned about the ingredients of the salad.

"Who f ** k has strawberries in a sandwich?" They asked.

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Another agreed, writing: "The stupidest thing of all in that photo is the mute strawberry! "

Although the poster did not indicate which coffee was served, some users suggested that it might have been purchased at Bread & Circus in Alexandria, which describes itself as a "whole food canteen".

On their lunch menu they offer a "free range preservative smoked ham sandwich box" for $ 17.

News.com.au contacted Bread & Circus for comments.

  Vegemite's toast at the Core Espresso in Newcastle caused a stir earlier this year. Photo / Instagram
The toast with Vegemite at Core Espresso in Newcastle caused a stir earlier this year. Photo / Instagram

This is not the first time that an Australian customer feels outraged after ordering a simple meal and receiving a deconstructed fountain.

Core Espresso coffee in Newcastle made headlines this year because of the way its $ 7 vegemite on toast made it.

Instead of a piece of toast with butter and vegemite served on a plate, customers received toast on a bread board with a drop of butter and a vegemite stain sitting next to it.

As ridiculous as it may seem, Core Espresso manager Emma Reid told news.com.au that there was a good reason for her to serve herself that way.

"If someone asks for toast and wants Vegemite, we want to make sure it's presentable and that there's enough Vegemite there. We do not skimp on Vegemite," he said.

"Even though they are only asking for Vegemite on toast, we want our customers to know that they are putting a little care on the dish, it's good to put a nice quenelle on the plate." [19659028]
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