Rugby: Ferns Sevens Dubha wants Gold Gold; All Blacks Sevens will continue to watch applications

The Black Sevens Fans were out for revenge. So all the Blacks Sevens were. Both received their search.

Sydney Sevens turned into clean clean in New Zealand, because both of them had a great influence on their decisions tonight.

The Black Sevens Fronts continue to influence them on the World Series, Gold Gold Award 34-10 Australia. The result was the 48th decision straight, because the side was missing because they were 31-0 against the Australians in Sydney last year.

At the same time, All Blacks Sevens went on from a two-year tour to the US in Hamilton last week to fight the enemy in Sydney, 21-5 .

New Zealand now manages World Sevens centers in both shapes, with the women 12 points ahead of the USA, and the men are attached to poles with the same cold, but guide on the climber.

"In order to beat Australia at home, stealing her head," said Catholic captain Black Fern Sevens, Sarah Hirini.

"We're very competitive, we're not losing loss and every time we put on that black gate you want to keep up and do not want to let your country and family down. That's why we play. "

Stacey Waaka sent the first points to the end of the women to the end, but when Emma Sykes from Australia overseas it was likely that they had a fight in New Zealand on their hands.

However, he is trying very quickly to Shakira Baker and Michaela Blyde gave the Frèad a 12-minute drive to half-time.

Blyde spent her second night early in the second half to expand her headline, but the Australians once again came back through Sykes to catch a glimpse of hope.

But with two minutes left on a clock, Waaka turned again to his / her; match the reach of Australians, and Blyde ask for her third part of her game to close an amazing win.

The Ferns went out without the strongest side of their field, after Tyla Nathan-Wong's preliminary abusive day was in a position; lost his date in Sydney after his wound on Saturday. Nathan-Wong had pastel crutches and was looking from the side to the side; ask her alongside the gold medal.

The same thing came to an end in a & # 39; In the end, trying to Regan Ware and Sam Dickson to & # 39; New Zealand offers a 14-0 half-term destination.

Ware completed a shift shift when the American error crashed by the US to make a comfortable mill at breakdown.

Tone Ng Shiu made the game out of reach shortly after half-time, and long ago the US was In the background, he was only happy with all Blacks Sevens called the second title of their season.

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