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PostShops will be replaced by & # 39; business partnerships & # 39;

Your local PostShop, if you still have one, is likely to soon be a thing of the past.

New Zealand Post is changing to a model in which it partners with local businesses to install postal services in its facilities. to offer independent PostShops.

A spokesman said it was not a new strategy and that more than 800 of its 880 outlets were now operated in partnership with local companies. "This is our preferred model of work."

The closing of the last 79 independent points of sale can be accelerated by the separation of NZ Post from Kiwibank, with which it shares the PostShop branches. This situation is being reviewed because companies are following different long-term strategies.

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[19659002] Trade unions have suggested that 14 branches of Kiwibank could close at Christmas.

Kiwibank said last Thursday that its branch in downtown Whangarei will operate as an independent bank, separating its business from the postal service.

It has also announced the intention to close branches in the Nelson suburb of Stoke and in the suburbs of Wellington of Petone and Johnsonville. The branches also share premises with New Zealand Post.

The spokesman for NZ Post said he was not withdrawing postal services from any community.

  Nick Smith and Christine Tuffnell of Gray Power at the Stoke branch in Kiwibank and NZ Post Putaitai St intends to close.


Nick Smith and Christine Tuffnell of Gray Power in the Stoke branch of Kiwibank and NZ Post Putaitai St, which is proposed to close.

Instead, I was looking for opportunities to access other local businesses.

"We look at each location on a case-by-case basis, and we always talk to our people before making any announcements." The search for a local business to partner with may take some time, and in those places there will be no change in the postal services until it is Find a suitable business This can take many months.

"Partnering with local businesses in this way is good for our customers, as these local businesses often have longer opening hours than traditional Post Shops and often , they are in places that are more convenient. "It works well for NZ Post, as it allows us to stay in all these communities and is more financially sustainable, and it works well for the companies with which we partner, which benefit from the arrival of more customers to their postal services." 19659007] Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the government was concerned about what was happening with the closure of NZ Post and the closure of banks.

"It's because the environment is changing, people are not using postal services in the same way."

NZ Post is required to provide at least 880 points of sale and post offices throughout the country.

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