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Website for hotels online is good for you to do and think you're going to; get a bargain. And they want to move quickly as, as they put it, "there are only two rooms left" and the hotel gets a "big demand".

But last week, the United Kingdom Competition and Marketing Commission (CMA) published that it will "take action to complete false sales, hidden costs and other uses in & # 39 ; online housing market ".

And he made a point to sign up, Expedia,, and Ebookers among others like the companies under review for a & # 39; buy weight, send false information, & # 39; hidden taxes and confirm the location of the hotel on their websites based on what the hotel has paid in commission.

But there is a lot in the traveling business to Thinking that this is too late and there is no confidence that the online agents will implement.

"Many people do not know that they are often getting worse worse by keeping a place through an online agent because they just go to the home- inn, "said Adam Raphael, editor of the Good Hotel Hotel.

"We need to examine the good tweets of any new rules, but these large secrets will find ways of maintaining the commercial interests. They have large resources for throwing any legal challenges made the opposition and disagree with an unacceptable argument about any new code of conduct. "

Online travel groups, which were brought to 1 September in the UK to change their methods, and describe a half of all of the accommodation in European hotels, and the commissions they are going to Building on hotels ranges from 15 to 30 per cent.

It can even be difficult to find an official hotel website. It's just a bit to think you're going to; click on the official site when it is, indeed, a registrar activist, and when they say "another four are viewing your main option" is the decision they look for the same day for yourself, but that's so unlikely.

It is also worth remembering that these organizations are constantly running the entire show. Expedia and Coastal Groups manage 95 per cent of hotel online booking businesses.

Expedia, scheduled to move its headquarters from Bellevue to Seattle in the near SA, was launched as a Microsoft department in 1996 before being sold in 2001. Since then, it has been is transmitted to dozens of online contacts such as,,, and

Conservation groups, named Priceline, until the last February was established in 1997 and became a public company but two years later. Based in Norwalk, Connecticut, its revenue was in 2017 to nearly 10 billion pounds ($ 18.8b). Its subsidiaries include, Kayak,,, and

As well as paying a commission to an online group, hotels also have to pay with Google and a per-click charge – often up to 2.50 pounds – for each click that people can their websites, regardless of what it will take.

David Farrance, 54, and his wife, Louise, 50, ran Frog Street farmhouse, near Taunton, as a B & B for ten years. But their experiences with their registration sites have been delivered at Christmas time to rent their entire home on a self-catering basis, and using a local group.

"They have an adverse impact on our lives and we felt we were running a business that had no control," said Mr Farrance.

For example, the Farrances have been paying 70 not to 90 not ($ 130- $ 170) per month for the agencies in print taxes, usually to # 39; Half a dozen times in the process.

It can even be difficult to find an official hotel website. Picture / 123RF
It can even be difficult to find an official hotel website. Picture / 123RF

Then, suddenly, they had 40 clicks from India and 21 clicks from Japan. Their monthly bill did not double but no recording was made.

"I told TripAdvisor that the clerks were not valid, but they did not want to get out. They said:" If you are not satisfied with it, you can close your contract. "

"The Farrances also had a problem with Expedia, where there was double double as a result of a glitch on the Frog Street guard platform.

"Expedia was given the guests a chance to stay 240 not ($ 450) instead of the 120 pounds ($ 225) and we said we needed to pay the difference, although there were nearby nearby places business as ours. "

The sites are not very fast and effective online, but what they are telling you and the best-priced commitments that are clearly available are intended to; emphasizing hospitals.

Daily Mail sent out to eight hotels and B & B asking for a double room on 20 February.

Every time we offered a better offer to us the price offered by our online agents.

This has not been surprised because it is always in the interests of hotels to do so. Although it's not a cheaper price (since online agents will be able to impose hotels by letting down the rates if they do not agree to equality rate), most hotels and hotels; shoot up or free breakfast or a bottle prosecco, anything to put your inbox directly so that they do not have to pay the registration fee.

When you go directly you can request a special room, and perhaps one with a place instead of a shelter or a bathroom; overlooking the garden.

You do not have control over this when you sign up with an online proxy. So, do not fall for a & # 39; oral language. Select the phone and talk to someone. He'll pay off

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